Keira is still better, serious damage dealer and way better than Facebook version due to different Sebastian mechanics, useful against magic enemies and super useful in campaign with one-shot kills, can tank with his clones but lacks damage output to be higher on the tier list, actually really strong but easy to counter by many teams, buffs critical hits to damage dealers, but more end-game choice, healer and poison is useful, but needs the right team, combined with Cleaver she is A+, on her own not that strong, percentage damage great against bosses and good synergy with Keira, good silence, can heal early in the battle, niche role to counter specific heroes, overall not very viable, serious damage but often too squishy to play, solid damage but less than top damage dealers. Most avid players want to form three strong teams not just one. For my teams I use Cleaver as Tank, Celeste as control, Martha as Mage, Maya as healer, and Nebula as a support. The first is that daredevils special attacks can be prolonged damage. The #6 Tier and #7 Tier heroes – these heroes are not so much worthy to invest in. I mean even though they are all REALLY good heros I recommend 1 warrior or tank another warrior and one support/control. You must have a mobile phone with 2gb ram or more to play the Hero Wars game. I have all heros except Krista and Jet. Cursed flame restricts enemy from being healed while purifying sphere heals an ally, Limbo – dispels the negative effects on allies + converts cursed flame into magic damage, Zenith – inflicts magic damage when in the dark form, heals when in light form. Her damage levels are massive in comparison to her level, and she out performs contemporaries in pure damage terms. But for late-game, #1 and #2 Tier heroes are the best ones. Genshin Impact Codes: Promo Code, Redemption Code(November 2020), The Grand Mafia Redemption Codes: Cheats & Gift Codes. You can download it anytime. Let’s take a look at his CC and Supportive skills: –, Martha is another of the best heroes in the Hero Wars game. And you would have way more players. solid niche role countering later in the game, easy to kill, Sebastian (Facebook version) can counter him easily, Strong damage early game but falls back later, okay tank but needs her health to stack to be good. How has no one even mentioned Yasmine… is she not rated at all. He possesses four powerful skills: –, Dorian is a support-class hero with healing abilities. This Hero Wars tier list updated after Corvus and Morrigan update! Tier #2 and #3 Tier heroes are good heroes – they are not as good as #1 tier, but they can help you clear difficult stages. You can pair him with Clever or Andvari to get the most out of him. 18. I recommend K’arkh/Celeste/Maya/Jorgen/Astaroth, Thants fine just remember to level up damage dealins specials or the team with be trash, Astaroth + Orion + Keira + Jorgen + Martha is OP. The third is that she has more hp than heidi unless Heidi is a much heigher level. Great enemy healing control and ally support, One of the best damage dealers in Hero Wars with AoE damage, One of the best damage dealers in Hero Wars (attention, might get nerfed in the future! Heroes featured in the Tier #1 list are the best heroes who can help you defeat powerful waves of enemies and players in the PvE and PvP Arena mode. Maybe in 2019? It inflicts magic damage to the nearby enemies and the enemies affected by this skull’s energy can not gain energy for a few seconds. Hero Wars is a “free to download” game on Google play store and Apple app store. (After Corvus & Morrigan) JvsHeroWars Tier List, Updated August 14, 2020. Submit Here, nebula is definitely a a teir. The top characters in the group S are Keira and Lars. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! Let’s take a look at his skills: –. Also he has a shield feature and he gets passive very fast. Check out his skills: –, Helios is another mage hero in Hero Wars. Any suggestions? Apart from this, you can also play Hero Wars online by logging in to your facebook account. Maxing out a hero in Hero Wars takes a lot of time and resources so picking the right ones early in the game you put your effort into is probably the smartes thing you can do long-term. Tier #4 and Tier #5 heroes are average and might not be useful after a certain point in the game – they can carry you in the early game, as well as, mid-game. There are also several heroes that are great early in the game but will get worse later and you have still wasted your resources on them. The leading heroes in the group A are Dorina Sebastian M. Both characters plays the role of support. Every hero has got unique skills and abilities set. I am not in the high levels yet… and play on FB… but that team looks like it has 4 healers ?!? The higher level white bomb attack will create a fire which will do damage to the enemy and the enemies team until the inflicted person does a passive attack or someone destroys the fire. Better pair him with Peppy. OSRS F2P Money Making Runscape Guide | Ways To Earn Gold Bars, Top Steam Games To Lookout For in November 2020, OSRS Recipe for Disaster (RFD) Runscape Complete Guide, Hollow Knight Pale Ore Guide Locations Guide, Outward (Weapons (Armor), Food & Alchemy) Crafting Recipes List, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (KHUX) Tier List. There is no any tank or warrior in the team. The shield protects the entire team, Demon’s Allegiance – it’s a passive skill that links a connection between Astaroth and an ally with the least health and transfer damage taken by him, Last Word – one of the best skills Astaroth has. I use him barista, lars, celeste and the for tower. Some of them are locked in the game. FYI you have Kai listed twice? Jorgen is one of the best heroes in the Hero Wars game – he is one of the best tank-class heroes out there with unqiue abilities that support the allies and controls the enemies – thanks to the amazing CC and supportive skills.

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