Thank you so much. Hi James I got both the candles you suggested and did what you told me to do the next day, the candles burned straight thru and left no residue. Also, don’t tell people the name of your Madama, it’s something private between you and her. I have been reading books on them and I am in the process of making an alter for Ezurile Freda. ( I knew he hated me, but divorced mean we move on… )I am hoping I can do a small crossroad offering to ask papa legba to open doors for me to find the money to proceed with the service. They pay tons of money and nothing happens. Talk to the saint as you would a friend and ask for his or her blessing and assistance in the matter at hand. Doctors say they cant help me. Also the night before last I had a dream I was at my grandmother’s house, it was night time and I went outside in the backyard and looked up in the sky and there was a bright pink moon, as I turned I saw another and another and another, I saw a total of 6 moons, they were all different colors, and big and bright, I remember seeing pink, white, light blue, orange, green, and red. And that you have to serve this “man in black” for 7 years. My boyfriend broke my la Madama when we were fighting what does that mean. However, the story was tweaked by saying that Johnson met the Devil. It’s not true. My life is worst now then when I started. #2) apart from dreams what other kind of signs can you get that the lwa/orisha are working on your request? To answer your question about making offerings, it will work either way. Yes. When working with a mambo what’s a good time frame to wait for things to start happening before seeking help from a different mambo on the situation ? He might show up in other forms and with other clothes on. Knowing what colors are sacred to the spirit or saint in question, you may choose to cover the space with a cloth of that color. And can I simply remove the altar’s items and state that I don’t need the lwa’s services anymore and want to stop working with them, or would that make them angry? You are definitely a child of Lebba and have received the unique and special blessing of being called by him directly. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I did not expect to see or feel anything form her. Anaisa likes yellow flowers, cakes, beer and perfume among other offerings. Like an intersection? I’m always broke. Legba open the gate for me and I will thank. Can I indoors? Enjoy and let me know how the ritual goes . You light one candle each Tuesday and say the prayer. If not, just use the altar at home and dispose of the honey that has already been offered outside somewhere in nature. Im new to this so the simpler the better. It means that a lot of energy is being summoned. One of her favorite offerings is a glass of beer with a drop of perfume in it. Thanks for the help you’ve rendered to everyone here really appreciated. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship we have with them and they will bless your workings and infuse them with power.

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