He recounts this in his essay: “During my involvement in education policy 2007-12, I never come across a single person in ‘the education world’ who raised the work of Robert Plomin and others on IQ, genetics and schools, and whenever I raised it people would either ignore it or say something like ‘well obviously IQ and genetics has no place in education discussions’. Such beliefs reflect on Boris Johnson’s own worldview, since in 2013 he declared in a speech: “Whatever you may think of the value of IQ tests it is surely relevant to a conversation about equality that as many as 16% of our species have an IQ below 85”. And by this — in light of everything we have observed here — it is clear what is meant by “science”. By Theodore ShoebatEdward Humphry Tyrrell Wakefield, the father-in-law of Dominic Cummings — who is considered to be the mastermind behing Brexit — promoted in eugenics in a recent video in which he said “success is in the genes”. The fact that Cummings promotes the same ideology of Sabisky, and that Sabisky was in Johnson’s office, and that Cummings has hopes of eugenic policy being enacted through Brexit with an aspiration of Britain being a global center for “science,” and that Cummings is close friends to a major eugenist, Stephen Hsu, leads us to confidently affirm the true underlying objective of Brexit rebels like Cummings, Johnson, Sabisky, and others like them: eugenics. Brexit is helping to facilitate the revival of German military strength, which means another reich. The video, which was part of a 2012 documentary programme called The Guest Wing, shows the baronet saying one is the subject of one's genes. 2016 saw the success of the Brexit referendum, around which the world’s conservatives danced the dance of fickle delusion. In his essay on education, Cummings affirms Francis Galton, the nephew of Charles Darwin and the one who coined the term eugenics, writing how “Francis Galton concluded that talent in various fields was primarily genetic”. In this same essay, Cummings — in a section entitled Endnote: Problems with Science, Cummings presents a quote from the Jewish scientist Robert A. Weinberg (without giving any commentary of his own), when he, after being asked what will happen if it is discovered that there are differences between races based on genes, said then that “for the first time there could be a racism which is based not on some kind of virulent ideology”. It was in this conference where Cummings would meet  his hero Stephen Hsu. And concerning Cummings’ view on “education”, the eugenic agenda is also clear given that in his essay on education he, praising (of course) his eugenist ally Hsu, he writes: “Hsu thinks that once the genes are identified, then engineering higher intelligence might become feasible”. Edward Humphry Tyrrell Wakefield, the father-in-law of Dominic Cummings — who is considered to be the mastermind behing Brexit — promoted in eugenics in a recent video in which he said “success is in the genes”. When it comes to the goal of breeding ‘geniuses’, the priority of ethics is thrown out the window. The fact that Hsu — an ally of Cummings — is in favor of Denmark’s policy of enabling the eradication of people with disabilities, and that he is a serious figure in the business of genetic screening, reveal his and Cummings own sinister motivation. You’ve talked it through quite well; it can and will work. It was in this conference where Cummings would meet  his hero Stephen Hsu. Sabisky has been expressing his eugenic beliefs for years, be it in various comment sections or in person. Zygote genotyping from single cell extraction is already technically well developed, so the last remaining capability required for embryo selection is complex phenotype prediction. Cummings, the Prime Ministers top adviser currently facing calls to resign over a 260-mile lockdown trip to Durham while sick with Covid-19, hired someone earlier this year who promptly resigned amid a row over race and eugenics. In this same essay, Cummings — in a section entitled, Cummings’ essay on education gained the attention of people in Silicon Valley who would invite Cummings to attend a conference called SciFoo, which is organized by Google and hosted by Google’s cofounder Larry Page. As Cummings writes: “Hsu predicted that very large samples of DNA would allow scientists over the next few years to start identifying the actual genes responsible for complex traits, such as diseases and intelligence, and make meaningful predictions about the fate of individuals.”. So what do we have with Brexit? For example, Cummings ends the article by saying: “If the cleverest people in the world continue to push scientific frontiers, while regulated by the people who now dominate politics and have no understanding of the technological foundations of our civilisation, we will suffer avoidable disasters and fail to mitigate the unavoidable disasters.”. And now, after one prominent (and other less prominent) recent police killings … Britain leaving means the UK no longer having any veto power, no longer having any influence, and no longer having any contribution in the military defense of the EU. So what we know from this is that people in Google liked Cummings’ eugenic views and invited him to the conference to be amongst well known scientists such as Hsu who he first met at the Scifoo meeting. The two are in agreement. To admire Otto von Bismark — the German political leader who united Germany and formed the Second Reich and wanted to purge Germany of Polish people — is akin to admiring the founder of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler. Cummings doesn’t just want to measure the genetic makeups of people to detect diseases, but to measure their “intelligence.” He makes this clear while referencing his friend, the geneticist Stephen Hsu of, In the world of Cummings and Hsu, embryos are chosen for their best genetic qualities while the others are terminated. 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The cost of these procedures would be less than tuition at many private kindergartens, and of course, the consequences will extend over a lifetime and beyond.” (brackets mine), What this is is the continuation of the same eugenic ideology of the 19th century, only now the language is tweaked just a little bit so that instead of calling someone a ‘defective,’ an ‘undesirable’ or ‘inferior,’ they simply describe them as someone who fails at school and not deserving of being born.

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