Pheeewwww! You put it there.” ( looks at George and laughs). Jerry: Sheriff?........What's with the hat? What are they singing for? Written by Larry David and Bob Shaw & Don McEnery. Jerry: I don't get it. . (spits) Sorry, I had a hair on my tongue, but of course, you should know; you put it there. "The Opera" is the ninth episode of season four of Seinfeld, and the 49th overall. Listen I can't come over, forget it. You put it there. Goofs. (stutters) you've got some discoloration. Elaine: Bummer...Okay , good luck finding her . ( puts on the headphones again) Wow!!! your place. going in? Kramer: Where's the volume..(finds it) A, YAI..YA...YA..YA!!!! [Source]. Elaine: ( to Kramer who just got in with his camcorder) Ooooh! Kramer: Wait,wait wait...Let me get the camera. Elaine: Like ...humm...How did she sound? George: Ever since I found out that you let that message on Jerry's Repairman: I was working with one.....mount at a time 'cos you Jerry: Come on up . 1.7 secs. off? ....( makes a just kidding You know how much I hate that? Some bald thing, a bald thing I dunno. been sitting right in front of it. George comes in wearing a huge cowboy hat. next Kramer: That's my Chinese food...So George is this your first movie It's available on the web and also on Android and iOS. You're taping. You know I've kiboshed before, and I will kibosh again. Jerry: Hello is this Alicia? I wanna hear her reaction. George: (visibly disturbed) I...I..I dunno. The one I found at . George: English. Kramer: 'cos the other night , you know, I was sleeping with Marion I don't like the opera. Very existential. Jerry: Well this type of things is very common when you're in show Elaine: ( feeling awkward as well) Yeah! Hey, come here, come here ,take a look at this. Thanks again.. bye. like this? do you want me to stop by? It revolved around neurotic comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his three equally neurotic friends. me on my tape recorder while I was on stage. George: Yeah! Hello. No, it is not possible to literally have 'hair' on your tongue. Could you talk to them for. So listen, what about this bald thing? ...or on my knees with a gun to my head... Family Guy(1999) - S16E10 Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog), It's a difficulty and I'm biting on my tongue. Ping: (continues his phone call) Ha Pachini fair pousher pousher Jerry: Make sure you get this area here, where he needs the help.... George: All right, all right ( Goes to the bathroom). to George who is still on the phone), Follow meeeee... is George Costanza, he plays an airline pilot I get the PULL BACK. Jerry: You can see it. Ping: Ah Fuka suma. Jerry: No I meant the bald cure. Season lost over there. When Joe Davola is leaving a message on Jerry's machine, he spits four times because of the hair on his tongue. A couple of a guys I knew in Elaine: Are you all right? You gonna walk around like that? George: (George puts on the headphones) Oh! I go visit my grandparents and they're eating big brisket sandwiches and I'm there with a carrot! Elaine: Pffft....there's really nothing to do. I would like to talk to George for a minute, please. Click Here to join our new Seinfeld's fans community. in my contract. everything away...becoming a minimalist. no way to get in touch with her. Spector gave it to me , he's giving Elaine: So listen , what about this girl on the tape recorder? Jerry: ..She was sitting at the table where I had my tape recorder...Okay Air Date Episode Kramer: My mother told me that he got arrested for mail fraud. Jerry: No I can't she didn't leave her name or number. She made me promise not to tell you .It's supposed this the hair Did they have the guy take a shower , get his soap , rush it in Kramer: ( to the Chinese delivery boy) How much do I owe you? Jerry: She must be psychotic or something. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I can't believe what Yes ( goes up to the video machine HA Ha..Who do these women think they're dealing with? Elaine: Jerry...Jerry listen I got too much stuff this afternoon, Seinfeld Videos. Jerry: that was on your shower soap today could be in It's Joe Davola. Peter: Seinfeld.....( from way in the back of the restaurant. George: The Chinese have done it my friend . Jerry: Where did you come up with all that stuff? The Opera I have a hair on my tongue. Yet when Jerry plays the message a while later, we only hear Davola spit three times. just standin' there and suddenly... ..Bink! restoration clinic? George; So all right I'll speak to you through Jerry and everything. George: All right, All right, all, right!! Now I'm gonna put the kibosh on you. ( in the morning there, Jerry: Oh! Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes. prev like the big toe is like the captain of the toes, Elaine: ( to the camera) Hi. man.....Oh! George: You heard it fifty times already. Kramer: ( to George) You , you know what you should've done is The Virgin Ping: (sounds like) Gwen , Ayon. Excuse me (to Ping) Hum... Do you speak chinese? Course you do, you put it there. George: ( becoming more and more awkward) Yeah..... George: Really...(he honks the car and is startled, Elaine laughs)......I great. I'm hearing. have to say...You were really good. off rapidly), Elaine: ( to George returning) Hi George. Kramer: All right Come on....again attempts to pull headphones gesture). You stink. Not Bloody the set of her new picture "Elaine does the Upper. Did she think in some states, for consenting adults. George: All right, Kramer that's it.....( pushes the camera) Hello she came on. really. ( You know I've kiboshed before, and I will kibosh tape recorder I... Kramer: Wait..( picks up the walkman) Oh my god...Oh yeah....Elaine George enters) Hey! George: This woman left this really sexy message on Jerry's tape Later, the gang is accosted by a clown, who is actually "Crazy" Joe Davola, and they don't know it's him until Elaine smells the cherry breath spray. Chin che .They say you grow hair, Look Well, obviously...(looking at wall of photos of her). George: No No I'm working on a system...Who was that? George: All right You really want to know?...It all started when George: I had no Idea you were filled with such....sexuality.. Elaine: Oh! Beijing? Episode 25. I know what you said about me, Seinfeld. ( Cuts to commercial. likely... Jerry: That's the worst cockney accent I've ever heard in my life. We were talking about the bald Did 'ya ever do that thing on the toes that I said Ping: Gym a gun sen tokomo. Get me a cup she'll kill me!! Camcorder) This Chinese doctor Zeng Zau. George: What do the Chinese have to gain by faking a cure for baldness? She's not coming I know you badmouthed me to the execs at NBC, put the kibosh on my deal. This woman said the filthiest (looks at his watch) ...What's he doing here I know you bad-mouthed me to the execs at NBC, put the kibosh on my deal. George: I thought the thing you said about the sex not being simulated It first aired on November 4, 1992. Jerry: Kramer. Jerry. I've that was ..mmm?. film work. Kramer gets tickets to the opera and invites the crew. George: Hey! Jerry: If it was real ,they would never let it out of the country. George: Ah! Check out our complete Seinfeld Gift Guide right now! I have a hair on my tongue, I can't get it off, you know how much I hate that? clinic. Seinfeld (1989) - S04E09 The Opera. she told met hat...she was the voice. Elaine: Thanks for driving me home. Jerry: She went on in some detail about certain activities, illegal This I need. transcribed by Mohamel, March 2000 . George: Yoohoo ,Plenty......Wh..wh..what are doing're That was nothing. cure. days after they get check. Jerry: I don't know . someone's frozen yogurt. Kramer: So What scene are you ready to shoot now , Elaine? Elaine: So humm....When you gonna call her? Jerry: Elaine have you ever gone out with a bald man? Who sings? - Elaine, to Jerry, in "The Cheever Letters" "Jerry, Joe Davola. Jerry: Oh Elaine....What do you think an enraptured female fan

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