Please note that the Peachy Keen print is rectangular. Please note that the Beach Lady print is rectangular. Not only was it right out of the oven warm, but it was massive! ), in the box! Is there anything better? Instead of listening to what she had to say and trying to learn, I was very defensive during our conversation. If you read Shay’s 30th Soirée blog this morning, you know that she has really been through it all with me over the last 8 years. How would I go about researching their heritage and honor it without it coming across as cultural appropriation? print is rectangular. So I have Native Americans I. The Water tank holds 60 mls, covers approximately 300 sq ft, and the mist duration runs for around 2-4 hrs continuous hours (4-8 hrs intermittent), which is perfect for a bedroom, office, or nursery! All you have to do is lookout for an email. Her name was actually Matoaka and she would’ve been about 10 years old when she met John Smith. I know … I know … I’ll be the first to admit that talking about winter in October seems wrong but it is also VERY exciting because it means that the next Jilly Box is almost here!! Please note that the. Jillian Harris. The Jilly Box is a seasonal membership with each box being curated with that season in mind. The only trick is, seeing if you can finish it before it melts … and  avoiding a brain freeze! We all have to learn for once and ever to respect each other in this globalized world! This classic polka dot scrunchie is reminiscent of Julia Roberts’ character, Vivian Ward, in Pretty Woman and her iconic polka dot dress. Top Questions Answered & My Favourite Pieces from The Nordstrom Sale! It is Cool to be Kind! I Finally Made the Switch to Natural Deodorant: Here’s What I Learned! All things LOVE, fashion, family, food, and home decor since 2009. visit the JH SHOP. Growing up in Peace River, a community rich with First Nations peoples, I honestly thought that I understood and respected Indigenous culture. Upon completion of your order you will be emailed both the PDF and JPEG files in one size; 11 x 14 in. I LOVED to shop (some things never change! Upon completion of your order you will be emailed both the PDF and JPEG files in one size; 11 x 14 in. This Diffuser is a petite take on the Aroma Om® Diffuser. ), wrapping yourself up in that cute scarf before you head out on those chilly mornings and simply unwinding after a long day. I had no idea about the true story of Pocahontas. I was so captivated by Raia’s session, her positive energy was contagious and the discussion was captivating! Halloween Decorations You’ll Want to Keep Up Year-Round! With all of the work that I have been doing lately surrounding diversity and racism,  one evening, I had an extreme panic attack thinking about this conversation with Tanis from 10 years ago. In support of uplifting Black voices and standing up to racism, all proceeds from this print will be donated to, If you would like to make a separate donation to Black Lives Matter Vancouver, please feel free to do so. We include one Golden Ticket in one randomly selected Jilly Box each season which means that one lucky person will receive an EXTRA goodie from us (mailed separately)! about pulling off the best Pocahontas costume for Halloween. Stay in the loop on all things Jilly! Thxs Jill and Tanis ❤. However, since March I have made it my goal to create more discussions around specific topics that sometimes are uncomfortable to discuss such as injustices, polarizing topics, politics, and racism. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Like I have mentioned before, I grew up eating moose jerky and bannock, we would often visit the Sagitawa Friendship Center and loved seeing all of the Indigenous artifacts, regalia, and art. In my opinion, it’s an admirable quality to admit a mistake, apologize, and take steps toward making things right. Promo Code: Jilly20 | 20% off | Exp 12/31/2020. Upon completion of your order you will be emailed both the PDF and JPEG files in three sizes; small at 5 x 7 in medium at 8.5 x 11 in and large at 18 x 24 in. Not only is this boyfriend tee perfectly oversized but it also sports an original Jilly Digital graphic, the “Be Good” crest. Today we’re sharing 4 […], Good morning everyone, it’s Jill here! Upon completion of your order you will be emailed both the PDF and JPEG files in one size; 11 x 14 in. If you scoop one of these up for yourself remember to wash it inside out and hang to dry to prevent shrinking and preserve the graphic! Does my name stay in the lottery for all future boxes or do I have to sign up again? Not only does Forma Rosea hydrate your skin but it’s also natural, vegan, and cruelty-free! I grew up with both of these ladies. This heritage barn is full of texture and depth, which will instantly add character to any space! I’ve known Kaitlin for seven years now and she’s the only one that I trust to […], If you follow me on social media, you may have seen that a few weeks ago, I escaped Kelowna for a little getaway to the west coast for a beautiful stay at Nimmo Bay Resort! Be the first to receive exclusive content, hear about upcoming collaborations, sales and much more! Today on the blog, we are continuing the coverage of Shay’s birthday month! That’s what we strive for here at Jillian Harris headquarters and in our daily life! It has a BPA-free plastic cover, automatic shut-off, and whisper-quiet operation! When I first read your post I kinda rolled my eyes being like where is the line drawn etc but reading this made me change my mind. Thank you! First up, many of you may recognize this product and brand from our previous collaborations, Crawford Creek Designs! These handcrafted statement earrings are a summer accessory staple and are sure to brighten ANY day.

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