Since that first moment of friendship, Juliana awed me with her unstoppable joie de vivre, her talents in a multitude of creative industries, and her magnetic personality. After almost 18 years of marriage, the couple are as happy as ever. Lane has been heavily involved in advocacy work for the LGBT community. When it comes to greeting cards, the process is a lot simpler. Shelley Long & Bruce Tyson separated each other in the year of 2003 and divorced after 22 years in the year of 2004. Rob Giggle is a real estate agent and Phil Dunphy’s biggest rival. Edward Norton. Pinterest’s search function allowed me to dive deep into all of these new stylistic genres I’d never seen before in traditional ‘fine art’ studios. The couple went on to have three sons together, first Oliver and twins, John and Gustav. To this day, I want to claw my eyes out when I look at my first card designs. He is extremely emotional when it comes to criticism and has an unlikely talent of being Fizbo the clown. In his personal life, he has been married to wife, Tiffany since 2000 and the couple have two children together. Claire is considered somewhat of a daddy’s girl and even went to work for Jay at his closet company. Andre was the one who convinced Phil to buy a Porsche convertible, but when he brought it home to Claire, she went mad and left Andre running back home after seeing her fury. Shelley Long was mostly grown and raised in her hometown in Fort Wayne city, Indiana. I was also an only child, and anytime I could scoop up a pen-pal on a family vacation, I did so (sometimes even giving myself exotic nom do plumes in the process…LOL). I love seeing what touches people enough that they want to bring it into their lives or gift it to a loved one. And Ryan would be so defensive if I thought any of his strategic ideas were not on brand with where I felt the company needed to go. We also have a kick-ass business partner named Marina, whom we call our sister wife, and she will tell you she’s the reason we’re still married hahaha. However, he admitted that when he came out to his mother, she was appalled and said: “I would rather you were dead.” Nonetheless, Lane went on to find love with theater producer and writer Devlin Elliott. I also think that because of our heavy reliance on digital communication, letter-writing has acquired even more of a ceremony and holiness in my life. Your greeting cards and products are some of the most socially conscious I’ve seen on the market, and I know you are constantly donating profits to charities that mean a lot to you. They first met when they were children but didn't meet again until almost 20 years later at a mutual friend's birthday party. Stand up comedian, Joe Mande, is far from the under-achiever in real life, appearing on sitcoms and writing for shows including the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, Comedy Central sketch series Kroll Show, and the Adult Swim series Delocated. What’s her net worth? These women are courageous, funny, and smart. I feel like this makes me sound desperately basic and vanilla, but it’s entirely honest. She met her sportswriter and producer husband Max Handleman on the first day of college back in 1992. Should someone in the family need it, there was always a card for any occasion waiting in that folder. Moreover, they have a daughter together. It never hurts to have some third party mediation every once in a while!! Following her relationship, Shelly’s first marriage was with Ken Soloman. Unfortunately, Tyson and Long ended their more than two decades of marriage into divorce in 2004. Andre is an orthopedic surgeon and has been the Dunphy’s neighbor for over eight years. A few years ago I designed a card called “Single Parent Seahorse”. Fred married his wife Mary in 1968 and they have one daughter and one grandson. She graduated with a degree in Theatre from the University of Southern California where she played roles, such as "Boquicia" in the original musical, "Invasion! Additional reporting by Paul Tharp Shelley was first married to Ken Solomon, but their brief union ended in divorce. In spite of her mother's professional setbacks, Juliana still fell in love with the performing arts. On their one year anniversary, Winter gushed ” I’m the luckiest girl in the entire world.” She added that she is “the happiest I could’ve ever imagined.”. We as a team have to research the product unit economics and purchasing trends in the industry before I’m given the green light to pitch the actual designs that will then go on these products. They could be very well received by the design community. I was aiming for a higher price point aesthetic, and I needed to learn how to utilize the more expensive printing processes that would get my products to where I wanted them to be. Paper Source decided to pick up this card last year — and I’ll never forget the email we received from a woman who said she’d stumbled across our card at one of the Paper Source locations, and how she felt indescribably seen and empowered.

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