Our desire is to serve the community in a way that exemplifies and demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ. EVERYDAY someone is exposing that man or speaking against him. The audience was led along like Sesame Street to what they were supposed to feel & profess, given number counts when to feel such & such & toddler prodding to reply back to the preacher or be counted lacking faith. Okay, walked into vast hall, theatre setting, plenty of seating & a setup like they were filming Jurassic park: 2 humongous boom mikes swerved like cranes to catch every powerful moment to whatever other audience. | Learn more…. I'm convinced that there is witchcraft at that church. To be honest, I believed that there was a God, but I always thought that He couldn't do the things people were saying. I used to go there. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; To the handicap, you will find a problem getting close to the building. Name * First. There is power in prayer and we are called to pray and don't stop. On this episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. Here you can submit your prayers of concern or joy to our community of Christians who will support you in praying for that cause. Outside the hall & inside they have their business set up & stand at the ready to provide services for a fee. Currently, he resides in Miami, Florida, with his wife and ministry partner, Prophet Ana Maldonado. You see God moving with miracles, signs, and wonders!! In other words, I want a real experience & trusted leadership I can relax takes seriously getting the congregation to heaven. I spent a long time finding a church where you feel the spirit of God moving. Even though I still wasn't sure the office building ahead of me was the church, in faith I walked in the doors, not sure still because I saw emblems of what looked like the Holy Spirit, but not the name. They love attention! In my opinion it's something you just have to experience for yourself. They are emotionally and mentally abusive. The people who were from King Jesus came to FIU and they were evil! amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "yogfittod-20"; I am a better person today because if it. I was raised going to church and love God above all, but there's so much about this church that contradicts The Word. Wholetones Chroma videos use the power of healing sounds, colors and light to turn any room with a television into a relaxing, healing spa. They way things are done have really impressed me. I can attest to it because I not only witnessed it but experienced it for myself. I'm sure he will buy another mansion! Apostle Maldonado is called by God to establish the Kingdom of God at the local, national, and international level. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; This place for me is home away from home. His television program, The Supernatural Now, is available to millions of viewers through Daystar, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and The Church Channel. https://www.facebook.com/apostlegm Even the spiritual leadership is withheld but provided in curriculums you can sign up for & at a price per module (@$200) you are educated. Yield to the King Ministry's prayer team considers it a privilege and honor to pray for you daily in the name of Jesus Christ. amzn_assoc_title = "Resources by Guillermo Maldonado"; Last.   Copyright © 2020 Yield to the King Ministry. He has so much bad reviews on him. How hypocritical that this Church is Giving trump a Christian Welcome when his hands are red from the blood of innocent children dying in cages!! I have been to Catholic Churches all my life, and I was there just to attend some kind of service, but I never really felt anything. I don't want to list my likes or my dislikes because they're based solely off of my own beliefs and what I know to be the truth and I would hate to offend anyone. Everyone goes to a church with anticipation or an expectation. I feel loved. This lady knew EXACTLY what was happening in my life, and her prayers were far from vague. We have a mobile site! I had numerous breakdowns! They are purely evil and had me a almost about to walk away from God. The Spirit of God moves in this place. During this season in my life King Jesus Ministries has given me hope, knowledge, and freedom to continue being the best of who I am. This lady knew EXACTLY what was happening in my life, and her prayers were far from vague. That is, until one day I went through something in my life that nearly broke me, and I went to this church for the first time in person. Now in summation this is what I experienced: The money-changers Jesus chased out of the church, well their descendants have a church in Miami & it's called King Jesus Ministries. amzn_assoc_asins = "1641231610,B00L9H5OO0,1629115983,B00BSZRFAY"; They are fake. In The Prosperous Soul e-course, Dr. Cindy Trimm reveals God’s path to deep fulfillment. One Culture // Jesse and Amy Shamp, Harvest Christian Fellowship Channel – Riverside, California | Pastor Greg Laurie, Sheryl Brady Ministries | Potter’s House of North Dallas, Texas, Freedom Destiny Church Channel | Pastors Adam and Candice Smithyman – Orange Park, Florida. (function(f,e){var d="script",a="__tubePressExpress",c=a+"Registry",h=true,g,b;if(!f[a]){f[a]=h;g=e.createElement(d);g.type="text/java"+d;g.async=h;g.src="https://express.tubepress.com/js/embed.js";b=e.getElementsByTagName(d)[0];b.parentNode.appendChild(g)}f[c]=f[c]||[];f[c].push(["register","eobfA8zTll6-998805"])}(window,document)); Apostle Guillermo Maldonado ministering at El Rey Jesus.

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