Eli Black was an American businessman who was born in Poland. He is currently one of the richest men in the United States of America. The Blacks are both avid art collectors who share this passion. Leon Black and his partners took their Apollo firm public, opening shares for purchase to raise funds within the last decade. [3] In 1975, his father committed suicide by jumping out of the 44th floor of the Pan Am Building in New York City. Debra and Leon Black have been Chairman’s Council members at The Metropolitan Museum of Art since 1999 and have made numerous gifts to the Museum’s curatorial and conservation departments in addition to supporting its programming. In fact, he is well-known for owning priceless works by some of the greatest artists of all time. In 2007, the couple donated $25 million to form the new Melanoma Research Alliance. [16] They have four children. This signaled a turning point in Black’s professional career and it was time for him to do something different. It was further reported in The New Yorker that Black had used Jeffery Epstein as an intermediary when he made a donation of $5.5 million dollars to MIT Media Lab, and that he had attended meetings at the home of Epstein and also appointed him to the board of the Leon Black Foundation. He made this valuable acquisition in 2012. He specializes in leveraged buyouts and private equity. He has a problem that money cannot always fix. [19] In 2012 he acquired Phaidon Press, a fine art books publisher. They have four children. Leon Black, the bigwig American investor and art collector, is the latest high profile figure to be dragged into the Jeffrey Epstein debacle. She is a Broadway Producer as well as a sibling of Antony Ressler, co-founder of Apollo Global Management. Due to this reason, the couple has also donated $25 million for the formation of Melanoma Research Alliance. Together, they have four children. He made his fortune in the investment and private equity sectors spending much of his early career at Drexel, Burnham, Lambert, where he gained the majority of his experience. Leon Black has received multiple public acknowledgments for his successful career in business. As of October of 2019, his real-time estimated net worth was placed at $7.4 billion. Leon Black’s request for his resignation at the first allegations of sexual deviance serves as evidence that he’s not that kind of person and that he was not willing to associate with a person who was believed to commit such atrocities. He enrolled in philosophy and history courses and graduated with his bachelor’s in both disciplines in 1973. In response to this, Leon co-founded the Melanoma Research Alliance with his wife. His family foundation donated around $4 million in 2004 and $6 million in 2005 in grants. This was all that the media and investigators needed to know to also investigate some aspects of Mr. Black’s life. Leon and Debra Black give to charities that they believe in and they’re doing their part to help make the world a better place for us all. Debra is not only the sister of a successful businessman she is also a professional in her own right as a Broadway producer. He also interviewed at Lehman Brothers but was told that he didn’t have the brains or personality to succeed on the Wall Street. He began his career through investment banking along with Lehman Brothers and later went on becoming its Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer. [24] The New York Times reported that Black had paid Epstein at least $50 million for such services from 2012 to 2017. They have made donations of support to a variety of medical, cultural and scholastic institutions. Leon Black takes an active interest in his local community, and he not only makes financial donations, but he also gives of his time. [25] In October 2020, Black requested that the Apollo board conduct an independent review of his relationship with Epstein, and it retained the law firm Dechert LLP to do so. In response to allegations that Leon Black had extensive involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, Mr. Black was upfront about their relationship. On Feb 3, 1975, he went to his office building on the 44th floor and committed suicide due to the fear of the scandal being broken out. He still maintains a 23% stake of ownership in the company. Black is married to Debra Ressler, a Broadway producer and sister of Ares Management co-founder Antony Ressler.

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