I guess! Best Pens For Bible Paper, If Lio dodged the first attack or wasn't severely wounded/crippled, it might have a chance of convincing Meg it doesn't want a meal bad enough to keep tangling with it. Quickness Definition, August 16, 2020 By ultimate band list. I'd place my bets on the Megaladon. They have had to take several things in to consideration. even if liopleurodon is bigger than megalodon, megalodon hunted large whales bigger than itself. See this film: Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus. Demifiend hasn't been around for over two years by now. With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms! Meg has a large size advantage, whereas a plesiosaur is both smaller and designed to eat things smaller than itself, whole. I believe the shark to be more manoeuvrable in the sea than a liopleurodon. This is similar to typical great white attack patterns. Difficult. Need more info on the creatures to confirm a winner. They also would hunt in packs which would mean that the only defense that the Liopleurodon would have would be their speed with their paddle- like fins. Roughly same size and weight. Meg is now given about 60 feet at the top end. Henna Maiden Colors, Not only that, but size-wise, a Liopleurodon grew to 39-49 feet, while a Megalodon is rumoured (too bad no actual fossil have been found!) Maybe you guys don’t realize but there is more recent evidence to support the fact that liopleurodon was whale sized. Jamie: Keep Cooking And Carry On Episode 10, They also would hunt in packs which would mean that the only defense that the Liopleurodon would have would be their speed with their paddle- like fins. Take advantage of ad-free gaming, cool profile skins, automatic beta access, and private chat with Kong Plus. How Old Is Sashley, @kingant27: They grew 60ft plus. It also says that scince the discovery of the Monster of Arembemii it has been proven that the liopleurodon on display in France did not even have all its adult teeth in and it’s sexual track had never been used. While a similar length, the Megalodon had a much more robust body and huge jaws built for devouring whales and other large marine mammals. *Rex had banana-shaped teeth designed to let him rip out meat and break bone into manageable mouthfuls. For that matter, you can't directly compare Rex and Meg bite forces, since they evolved to do two completely different things.*. and ca i just say. http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles/7/supercroc-vs-megalodon-vs-liopleurodon/407275/. its so annoying people keep posting this everywhere. but I'm pretty sure I'd beat an Ape in a foot race. A new study shows that the body size of the iconic gigantic or megatooth shark megalodon, about 15 meters (50 feet) in length, is indeed anomalously large compared to body sizes of its relatives. I guess the terrain makes quite some difference here as well. ?s next meal. The Complete Guide To Prehistoric Life book by Paul Chambers states that new tooth marks found on a large plesiosaur prove to match that of the buffed up verision of the tooth fit from liopleurodon. Congratulations! In Miami Beach & Palm Beach Florida, Help!

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