The helicopter is fitted with state-of-the-art avionics and auto-pilot systems proven across the Super Puma family. No image stabilization. Its spacious interior can also transport much-needed medical supplies and operate as a mobile hospital. This value is 2227 feet more than the average height any helicopter can fly of its class. The average speed of a standard chopper can range from 150 mph all the way up to 200 mph (240 km to 320 km per hour). Aerospace-technology compares the two aerospace behemoths Airbus and Boeing and tries to envisage what the future holds for them. It features a substantially revised fuselage with a rear loading ramp, a conventional, though watertight, hull instead of the S-61's boat-hull, and retractable tricycle landing gear. From 1993 15° Stormo performed support missions to evacuate civilians during natural catastrophes and disasters in Italy. Bell Agusta BA609 (852 Miles) 4. The helicopter features a high set main rotor and a shrouded tail rotor, which ensure safe operations even on small and busy decks. It’s like having a full office in a chopper. Thanks to the many travel agencies world wide, You can actually get into a tour and even rent a helicopter without having to be neither rich or famous. It is capable of air-to-air refuelling and can be compactly stored on board an assault ship or aircraft carrier, thanks to the rotatable wings and foldable rotors. The multi-role helicopter is also suitable for government and commercial operators.MUST READ. This helicopter is a redesign of the CH-53E Super Stallion, featuring a larger cockpit, more powerful engines, and double the lifting power. Each engine is capable of developing a maximum power of 4,100kW (5,500shp). There are different answers to this question. Southwest pilots’ union seeks simplified 737 MAX runaway stabiliser procedure, EasyJet plans several flight cuts from Gatwick Airport, Air Methods and MountainStar Healthcare partner to open medical centre, Withholding customer refunds could destroy remaining trust in UK tourism industry, Ryanair expects to operate between 50% and 80% of 2019 levels in mid-2021, Saudi Arabia’s visitor aspirations are positive but overly ambitious, World Trade Organisation greenlight focuses attention on 737 MAX FAA recertification, Innovation in travel planning tech is part of the new normal, Rolls-Royce selects Roke as key technology partner on REINSTATE project, ASL accepts responsibility for bribery case and signs DPA with UK’s SFO, The biggest passenger airplanes in the world. It has a maximum range of 900km and can carry a maximum payload of 13.8t. Its design was refined with a focus on durability and impact resistance, making it a prime military aircraft. The helicopter is powered by two Ivchenko-Progress D-136 engines, each rated at 11,400hp, and can carry 82 passengers, or up to 20t of cargo inside the cabin or on external sling. The helicopter is used for both military and civilian missions and is available in 13 variants, which can lift up to 56,000kg. 15º Stormo was also engaged with SAR missions in the hostile zones of the several operations abroad where Italian Armed Forces were deployed - Somalia, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Helionix avionics suite and integrated four-axis autopilot aboard the H175 ensure the highest levels of safety and mission flexibility. Airbus and Boeing currently build the biggest passenger airplanes in the world, with the mighty Airbus A380-800 and its rival the Boeing 777-300, while Russia’s Ilyushin also stands out as the only other company to make the list. Two powerful Turbomeca Makila 2A engines, a robust five-bladed main rotor and Spheriflex rotor head provide the H225 with long range and fast cruise speeds, as well as a long flight endurance of more than five hours and 38 minutes. [2]:49 The Marine assessment endorsed the acquisition of the Vertol 107M.

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