Biographical information Unarmed and forced to surrender, Stele and his mother were restrained and fitted with soundproof hoods over their heads before being led to a waiting shuttle bound for Bordal. With his training complete, Stele was given the chance to fly the Missile Boat in its first combat mission, an operation to capture TIE Defenders which Tarrak was planning to sell to the Rebel Alliance. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.

Stele's TIE Defender, aided by escort shuttles from Red Knight and Dragonfly groups, fended off Zaarin's forces while the Empire was forced to evacuate the two facility's two remaining TIE Defender prototypes and personnel on the BFF-1 bulk freighter Mharsup and the shuttle G'nabgib. Stele participated in an operation to capture the Zeplin but came out of hyperspace to find the Star Destroyer had already rendezvoused with the Rebel cruiser Link. When engaged, a squadron of Alliance shuttles arrived, but was routed by the Imperial patrol, and Stele destroyed three Rebel shuttles during the skirmish with the help of his wingman. After the first 3 years, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy separated their operations and Kerry went solo running Project Camelot.

During his training Stele learned to contain his natural inquisitiveness after being given extra duty several times for asking too many questions.

Stele is escorted into a Rebel prison in a non-canon cutscene. Our site has a powerful Google presence and we can help you to get More Digital presence and help you share your info with your fans.

In addition, the collection icon depicted Stele's physical appearance. Stele arrived shortly before Zaarin's main attack force, comprising the Victory-class Star Destroyer Zeplin, the frigate Kimik and a number of Assassin-class corvettes. In this he was mistaken and, as he came to see more of the Empire, he began to feel drawn to its promises of stability and order and came to think of his former life as insignificant.

After the arrival of Assault Gunboat reinforcements, Stele was able to drive off the pirate Strike-class medium cruiser Intombe and destroy several R-41 Starchasers, preventing the capture of the prototypes. His father, David Steele, played Test cricket for England. This article is in need of some assistance! Maarek Stele is the official player character in the 1994 LucasArts video game Star Wars: TIE Fighter and its subsequent expansions Defender of the Empire and Enemies of the Empire. [8], Stele next participated in an operation to retrieve the stolen Missile Boat from the Rebel platform Enin'sd. However, after this mission Stele met a cloaked figure, his first encounter with the Secret Order Admiral Mordon had mentioned, who had already observed his skill as a pilot. DEAN HENDERSON: 5G NEPHILIM AND THE CONTROLLERS, DR. SHARNAEL SEHON INTERVIEWS KERRY CASSIDY PART TWO.

Stele again led TIE Defenders to stop all of the craft that were looting the equipment, disabling them to allow the recovery of the stolen materials, along with the ship logs which the Secret Order hoped might lead them to Zaarin.

[3], With NL-1 established Stele helped defend it against a Rebel attack until Thrawn arrived in the Victory-class Star Destroyer Stalwart and was promoted to commander after the attack was repelled. 5G is scheduled to be rolled out across the UK and much of the so-called ‘Developed World’ in 2020 …. He, along with several other recruits, spent the journey in the cold, uncomfortable cargo hold as the Empire attempted to break them and weed out the weak.

She was concerned that this might lead the Bordali to them and that they might need to relocate to another place to hide.

Scroll down to get the complete details. [2][18] This discrepancy was discussed in Leland Chee's blog on We will update soon.

Zaarin couldn't afford to allow the facility to be held by the Empire and launched an attack to destroy it, led by his own Star Destroyer, the Glory.

Chronological and political information Hair color Kuan[1] [23] However, Stele's appearance in Aaron Allston's 2009 novel Fate of the Jedi: Outcast reconciled this discrepancy, confirming that he lost his hair prior to 43 ABY. [3], Around the end of his training, Stele was devastated to learn that Admiral Mordon had died of "natural causes."

The news that TIE Defenders were now in the hands of pirates represented a major threat to the Empire. Human[2] [11] Impressed with how quickly Stele's abilities developed, Palpatine awarded him the title-rank Tan[2] and assigned him as commander of the Emperor's Sword,[2][12] a group of elite pilots who served as Palpatine's personal escort.

Mark Steele joined Command Group in May 2012 and serves as the Senior Director of Finance and Administration. Stele once again proved essential to the Empire's victory, assisting in the factory's destruction and with the capture of Ali Tarrak as the pirate leader attempted to flee.

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