Today, and for the last 30 years, most of the shootings in this city are argument related. Firefox, or We recommend using Election Live Blog: Biden in Philly; high turnout across region, In the suburbs, expect at least a 2-day wait for initial mail-in ballot totals. into his arm, which he said stood for Serious Untouchable Killer. This may seem like common sense to you and I, but it was apparently news to the Leggett Community Learning Center, which is now being sued after a fake cop packing a real gun handcuffed and threatened to tase a child suffering from attention deficit disorder. He also founded the Mel Floyd School of Evangelism, finished school and earned several degrees, directed five commercials on drugs, gang warfare, and teenage alcoholism; and produced films such as  “On Patrol for God” and “The Gang’s All Here,” featuring some local gang members and residents. Floyd is survived by his brother; his three daughters Mary Floyd Palmer, Ruth Naomi Floyd — who is the director of jazz studies at Cairn University and an artist-in-residence at Temple University — and Esther M. Sawyer, an administrator at Neighborhood Crusades. ``I’m not a bad kid,″ he said, ``and I don’t intend coming back here anytime soon.″. “It was the first Scared Straight program before it was called Scared Straight.”. ``At that time, you couldn’t have told me nothing,″ said Stout, who was 15 when he became one of the earliest participants in the Lifers’ Program, which, first documented in the film ``Scared Straight!,″ is meant to keep juvenile delinquents like him out of prison. Deceased inmate formerly part of “Scared Straight” program News. Learn more about FindLaw’s newsletters, including our terms of use and privacy policy. As the teens approach St. Clair County Jail in Belleville, IL, they get a taste of the stark realities they'll face during the "Scared Straight" juvenile intervention program. Floyd is also survived by his nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Floyd was a legend. And for a lot of people, that was the turning point,” Floyd Palmer said. Shapiro found that 15 of his original 17 delinquents from 1979 stayed straight. The Emmy Award-nominated Beyond Scared Straight on A&E continues with Season 6. Also, you don't want to invite police impersonators onto campus to carry out said intimidation. For years, he kept away from the Lifers. For Anton Moore, an anti-violence activist and director of Unity in the Community, Rev. “I began realizing [as a police officer] that putting people in jail wasn’t working,” the reverend told the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1997. ’99.″ Twelve boys, ages 12 to 17, walk in cocky and walk out shaking, vowing never to return after convicts scream about prison rape, filth and lack of freedom. This ``Scared Straight!,″ which airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EDT, has a new cast of prisoners (those from 1979 are either dead, released or transferred), new delinquents, and, since this is MTV, a rock soundtrack. on April 18, 2018 11:15 AM As a school administrator, a good rule of thumb is to avoid so-called "scared straight" programs intended to intimidate students. The teens are greeted at the jail by a row of barking guard dogs. America Are We Ready live call in show from WNYC and hosted by Brian Lehrer. “I am calling myself a missionary to Philadelphia and plan to take my ministry to the street,” he said at the time. ``Not only is this great television, but it’s great sociology,″ Shapiro said. Over the next several years, he gave weekly marriage and family seminars. History appears to repeat itself for much of ``Scared Straight! ``That’s the way I am,″ said Melvin, 14. Floyd, also known as the “dean of evangelism,” spent more than 40 years driving around Philadelphia in his van. Melvin Floyd. Airing on ABC Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. EDT, the show will be performed three times, once for each time zone (Eastern/Central, Mountain and Pacific). Jane Elizabeth Boston Jordan, 78, remembered as a history lover and Philly’s biggest fan. But some criminologists say the program doesn’t work. “When I was growing up you always saw the person on top of the van and him speaking through the microphone about drugs and about gang violence, and it was eye-catching,” Moore said. Convicted murderers spit profanities in his face, pushed him around and told him never to come back. But one of the boys who was rearrested after three months for assault had carved the initials S.U.K. ’99,″ an MTV remake of the gritty documentary that shocked the world in 1979 with convicts’ expletive-filled, intimidating tirades about life in prison. Beyond Scared Straight. Bilal Qayyum, founder and president of the Father’s Day Rally Committee, met Floyd in the 1970s through their work at the House of Umoja, the home of “Queen Mother” Falaka Fattah and her husband David Fattah who would take in gang members to live with them. Rev. WHYY connects you to your community and the world by delivering reliable information and worthwhile entertainment. ``The message, verbally, to them is don’t be like me,″ Finckenauer said. ``You see the stars at night. When it comes to its gun violence epidemic, Philly is struggling to control the spread. “It was the first Scared Straight program before it was called Scared Straight.” Bilal Qayyum, founder and president of the Father’s Day Rally Committee, met Floyd in the 1970s through their work at the House of Umoja, the home of “Queen Mother” Falaka Fattah and her husband David Fattah who would take in gang members to live with them. Security Officer Caught Snapping Photo of Attorney's Notes, Texas Cop Arrested After Farting in Another Cop's Face, Cop Asks to Sniff, Lick Driver's Feet; Gets Arrested, School's 'Scared Straight' Program Backfires, Leads to Assault by Fake Cop, Lawsuit Claims. But not as powerful as an inmate who brought a kid to tears in 1979 by quietly, methodically explaining how he’d like to rip out one of his eyes. WOODBRIDGE, N.J. (AP) _ Kevin Stout came to East Jersey State prison 22 years ago. “They needed more: a conversion. ’99.″ Twelve boys, ages 12 to 17, walk in cocky and walk out shaking, vowing never to return after convicts scream about prison rape, filth and lack of freedom. A counselor took Brian Potanovic, 17, of Yonkers, N.Y., to prison after he was arrested for graffiti vandalism. He was hesitant at first to take on the new project, worried about confusion with another ``Scared Straight!″ film he produced for UPN that aired in April. "Hendon's conduct toward [the child], and the Defendants' acquiescence and cover-up, were inexcusable.". Microsoft Edge. But he realized he could reach a generation too young to remember the original film, while re-creating the tense confrontation between young criminals and the hardened convicts who want to stop them before it’s too late. Melvin Floyd, a former Philadelphia police officer and Baptist pastor best known for preaching against gang violence in a van with a casket on the roof, died last week at his home in Germantown. He dropped out of Benjamin Franklin High School in the 11th grade, joined the Army at the age of 18, and served during the Korean War. In the 1999 film, 10 out of 12 stayed clear of arrests for three months. "The violence and abuse had no relationship whatsoever to any legitimate educational or other objective but rather was nothing more than intentional painfully injurious conduct toward [the child] and his misled guardian," the lawsuit says. In 1972, less than seven years short from vesting a pension, he turned in his police badge to devote himself full-time to his ministry Neighborhood Crusades in Germantown, which he directed for over 45 years. Second, the child harassed by Hendon struggled more with his behavior and learning after encountering Hendon and his tactics, according to the lawsuit. First, researchers studying their effectiveness concluded that they could have the opposite effect. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Officials say they can’t track success rates because juvenile crime records are confidential. Palmer said he would sometimes hire a young person to lie in the coffin and stand up on a corner to say “death can catch you on this corner.” He’d also ask people gathered around the van with the casket, “Do you want to be in one of those?”, “He just talked simply, but stately. “We thought it was so crazy, but it made sense because it caught people’s attention.”. And, most importantly, you don't want to allow ersatz law enforcement to assault your students. (Courtesy of Mary Floyd Palmer). About 50,000 youths have come through ``Scared Straight!″ since it was founded 23 years ago. Arnold Shapiro has been a television producer and writer for 52 years, having sold his first show to CBS in Los Angeles at age 22. A lot will have happened during the day and this program will feature listener calls from around the country and any new information as the majority of the polls get set to close at 8pm. Search, Parents File Lawsuit Against Akron Schools for Allowing Fake Officer to Handcuff Students, Disorder in the Court! History appears to repeat itself for much of ``Scared Straight! Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. He was 85 and tested negative for COVID-19. A change of heart.”, But it was the van with the coffin — he had four over the course of his life — that became his signature. ", The lawsuit claims violations of the boy's right against cruel and unusual punishment, assault, battery, and 15 other counts, and is asking for $24 million in damages. about; photos; Pictures. Prosecutors originally charged Hendon on 61 felony counts, and he pleaded guilty to seven counts of kidnapping, six counts of impersonating a police officer, and three counts of illegal conveyance of a weapon into the school. You know how we know scared straight programs don't work? Rutgers University’s Jim Finckenauer conducted a study that showed that some delinquents reoffend at a higher rate after going through ``Scared Straight!″ The inmates’ brash performances may actually encourage some of the youths, he said. All rights reserved. As a young man, Floyd, a North Philadelphia native, was in a gang himself. “He gained a lot of respect with a lot of the young men on the corner because they knew he was real. What ... you doing in my house today?″, it’s powerful. Due to the pandemic, a virtual, private viewing and memorial will be held Monday. The child's mother filed a lawsuit against the Akron City School District, Superintendent David James, several employees at Leggett elementary school, and cop impersonator Christopher Hendon. He came back to the same prison three years later, a murderer and robber, in for life. His unique style mixed the spiritual and the practical, evangelism and engagement, and the Bible and grisly movies. The casket had a mannequin, dressed up as a corpse, sitting on top of it. Hendon then allegedly told him, "If you try to run, I will taser you. Not exactly the type of person you want in charge of keeping school children on the straight and narrow. St. Clair County, IL. Then he woke up one day and thought, ``I don’t want anybody to be like me.″. program has inspired dozens of inmate-run intervention programs in men's and women's prisons across the country. Are you a legal professional? The series has featured innovative elements before, including elaborate dance numbers, April Fool’s contests, a guest-starring appearance by Daffy Duck and an episode filmed in mainland China. Beyond Scared Straight profiles the new approach to keeping today's teens from becoming tomorrow's prisoners. Stout, 37, is one of a new group of Lifers who appear in ``Scared Straight! Asked on film what he would do if he knew he wouldn’t get caught, Potanovic said, ``Kill everyone I had a beef with.″. He believed the root of the gang problem was the breakdown of the American Black family. WHYY thanks our sponsors — become a WHYY sponsor. The shooting victims were on the basketball court at Roberto Clemente Park along 18th and Wallace streets in Spring Garden when multiple gunmen opened fire. At a screening of the film at the prison earlier this month, Potanovic appeared chastened, smiling for cameras and politely fielding questions from reporters.

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