width: 33%; Thank you for visiting the “New Jersey Munchkin Breeders” page here at Local Kittens For Sale! Munchkin’s short legs should not be attributed to having been involved with a dog of the same quality, the Dachshund. We are honored and privileged that you have chosen us to help you on your journey to cat ownership! Pups: 5 Month Female Bul..Cane Corso, New Jersey » Newark, Extremely rare Napoleon/Minuet Called Tea cup kittens or Rug huggers in USA. /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */. r..Munchkin, New Jersey » Jersey City, Mother: XL American Bully (Blue) Since 2010, our mission has been to breed healthy Munchkin kittens with a look and behavior that will steal your heart! Munchkin Kittens for Sale in New Jersey. We always strongly encourage you to thoroughly check out each cat breeder you are interested in purchasing from before you make your final decision. Due to overwhelming responses, we have stop taking application temporarily until further notice. Munchkin for sale in New Jersey. This smaller sized cat weighs between 4 – 9 pounds with a plush coat that comes in any variety of color or pattern. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding this breed, since many worry about promoting a breed that can have serious health issues due to their naturally short legs. There are three forms of munchkins: Short, Supershort, Rughugger. #gallery-2 .gallery-item { They are free to run, jump and play. kittens are ..Munchkin, New Jersey » Jersey City, We Have An Adorable girl and boy Munchkin Kittens for sale.They Have Been Raised In Our H..Munchkin, New Jersey » New Jersey 3, Beautiful breed , beautiful color and very special munchkin kittens now ready..Munchkin, New Jersey » Jersey City. Find more Munchkin kittens for sale in these neighboring states: Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware, or Connecticut. Chipie's cattery - Munchkin cats, Ottawa. In addition to visiting this website often, you can check us out on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest for more information, pictures, and cute kitten videos! The Executive Office can be reached via telephone during regular business hours. Oakland. #gallery-2 img { We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. all sorts of munchkins must visit a vet oft as they’ll suffer from some issues caused by their short-legs. The Munchkin comes in any variation of coats and patterns. All kittens will be placed at 10-12 weeks old. However, please keep in mind that while we have the largest cat breeder directory on the internet, we cannot personally vouch for any individual breeder that is listed here. Our kitten is sweet-tempered, lively, intelligent, and amenable to handling. Disclaimer: The International Cat Association, Inc.® (TICA®) Does Not Endorse any of the breeders, products, or services on this page unless otherwise noted.Please read our Disclaimers.. wherever the rughugger has very short legs. however additionally concerning the cat’s health. The Reputable Breeder is concerned with the temperament as well as the health of his/her cats/kittens. If you decide that shipping is an option, please contact the breeder and make sure that the breeder follows safe, humane, and ethical procedures for shipping a pet. #gallery-2 .gallery-caption { You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Because the short-leg options return from a genetic variation, the munchkin will have some health-problems. Cats breeding with siblings : All you need to know, Top 10 Stunning Exotic Cats to Keep as Pet, 10 Persian Cat Facts and Information | Persian Cat, 5 Stunning information about Persian cats. Our kittens are raised in cage free and social environment. The Munchkin is maybe one amongst the cutest and funniest cat breeds. Father: Italian Cane Corso We have since built an international reputation as reliable breeders who produce some of the world's most beautiful Munchkin cats. Upgrade your free listing for only $30/year. A hairy munchkin wants additional coat-care (regular brushing for instance) than the hirsute sort. } At Blue Skies we raise our kittens as part of our family, underfoot, with as much love and cuddling as any kitten could hope to have. If you see a munchkin, you may need one. confirm you get a munchkin from a stock breeder United Nations agency cross-breeds to stay the breed’s kittens healthy. The most common health issues to affect this breed are lordosis, which is excessive curvature of the spine, and pectus excavatum, which is a hallowed chest. float: left; With over 3,000 cat breeders listed on this website, we are the LARGEST breeder directory on the internet! The Reputable Breeder spends individual time with each of his/her cats/kittens. Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Staff is working diligently to process tickets received during the week of September 21. Find information on Cat health, nutrition, holistic healing, basic care, toys, and much more! New & Renewed Deluxe Listings – March 14th, 2020, 4 Simple Steps for Preparing and Caring for Your First Pet, New & Renewed Deluxe Listings – March 4th, 2020, New & Renewed Deluxe Listings – February 20th, 2020, New & Renewed Deluxe Listings – February 16th, 2020, New & Renewed Deluxe Listings – February 7th, 2020, New & Renewed Deluxe Listings – January 24th, 2020, New & Renewed Deluxe Listings – December 31st, 2019, New & Renewed Deluxe Listings – December 30th, 2019. Females are generally smaller than males. The Reputable Breeder makes him/herself available for advice and help to other breeders, and throughout the life of the cats/kittens he/she has placed. TICA strongly recommends that transactions with breeders be undertaken with the same caution and due diligence as one would devote to any important business matter. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The head shape is a modified wedge, with prominent cheekbones and whisker pads giving a squared appearance to the muzzle. We understand your concerns and worries. Their short-legges are caused by a info variation, creating it laborious to breed these form of cats. they’re terribly folks orienting and like to sleep and cuddle. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. What should I do for…, Lykoi Cat : Is Everything That’s Wrong With Designer Breeds, All About Shirazi cat - Cats for breeding informations. only black, curly fur, with long legs available. We have designated kitten proof play room to ensure their safety. We are a small TICA registered cattery located in the beautiful Berkeley, CA. We are a PKD free cattery. Munchkin is a breed of cat that has only been recognized since the mid-1990’s. For future litter inquiries, please email. Our October litter will be available to reserve in two weeks. } Our cats are our family, they live with us in our home. )are young male kittens waiting to purr ..Domestic Shorthaired Cat, Maryland » Mechanicsville, these kittens are very playful and loves much attention and to be pampered,it is respectf..Munchkin, New Jersey » North Bergen, We have a male and a female Munchkin available! The sphynx and munchkin is of medium size and body conformation with substantial wei and ght for its size. We have all of the information you need to know about Munchkin cat breeders including website URL, contact information, Facebook page, memberships to associations, and more. Munchkin Cats as Pets - Complete Owner's Guide. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; The maintenance of the munchkin depends alot on their form of coat. text-align: center; My kittens are registered, raised under f..Munchkin, New Jersey » Jersey City, rare, stunning and friendly munchkins. Our goal is to help you locate the perfect cat breeder near you; one who is reputable, trustworthy, and honest. For more information or to sign up, visit our Get Listed page. 9. } Fur-Lovers Munchkin Cattery. Munchkin cats breeders !! MUNCHKIN KITTENS BREEDER Caroline Kelly Our family is passionate about breeding Munchkin cats. If you have never owned a Munchkin before, or are interested in reading more information on these amazing cats, check out our Munchkin Cat Breed Information page. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Our goal as  breeder is to breed the healthiest and sweetness kitten, so that your family has nothing worry about except enjoy the cuteness overload from having the sweetest kitten. This mean you are buying a companion/pet kitten only, no breeding rights. Munchkin Cattery. Please be aware there are a number of pet sales scam operations.

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