I really want to say that I appreciate my friends a lot more than I can express in words or in action. You my friend are someone I trust and someone I really want to share all of my stories with. You my friend are so much honest and so much loyal that I cannot ignore your pure soul and your innocence. Friends are like watches. You brought these recollections and I’d keep them with me until the end of time. Bright and sweet is our fellowship. I can entertain you orannoy you, make you smile or make you cry, heal your wounds or make new ones, make you want to put some faith in me or completely make you distrust me, make you truly happy or make you truly sad because I know friendship is a huge responsibility I will try my best not to make this a reckless one. 6. Much thanks to you for being a great companion. My friend, you have always appreciated me when for even the smallest things and let me tell you that there is nothing more beautiful than that. Much thanks to you, my beautiful companion. Only you comprehend me. Sitting down at me recognize this cool night thinking how I arrived. It is simple they will be your driving energy to look forward to every challenge and obstacle that you might have to face, they will accompany you through heaven and hell, they will never forget your birthdays and all other important days to come, they will nag and complain forever in your life but no matter what this will make never leave your side. yati ta malai pani biswas chha mero mitra, garnechha sabai bhandaa ramro mitra ko ginati. God favour you for me, old buddy. Some Nepali quotes about life  status or quotes is here There are largest collection of  Nepali Quotes about life    that you will not find anywhere that types of ....quotes. कहिले न भनेको कुरा हरु याद छ मित्रता, कहिले पिडा को औषधी छ मित्रता, कमी छ पुज्ने बाली सङ्, नत्र जमीन मा भागवन छ मित्रता । बे फ्रेन्डस फोरेवेर्! Let us all always cherish our friendship. As if God knew I couldn’t survive alone, he gave me someone to help me through the excursion. May 21, 2019 - Explore Marie Rivera's board "Friendship", followed by 127 people on Pinterest. You are so much dear to my heart that I cannot explain enough and I definitely cannot express enough in words. You’ve done as such much for me and I value it. The days where we have no stresses, we live the manner in which it comes. We grew together and we have branched our ways differently in of course different directions. It’s been superb having you as an existence travel accomplice. Enjoy everyone! ? Most times I see you and can’t resist the opportunity to envision that it is so conceivable to have an entertaining yet exceptionally shrewd companion as you. The well said saying that goes on “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. Nepali Friendship SMS / Nepali Friendship SMS collection contains mitrata sms, friendship sms in Nepali, and friendship sms in Nepali. Scorpio people should control their suspiciousness as it can hurt sensitive Taurus people. Kura yasto gar ki bhawana kahilyai kam na hos Kalpana gara ki nai na haraos Dil ma aafno yati thau dinu malai ki Adhuro ra khali lagos ma na bhayeko bela ma Happy Friendship Day 2018. Friendship Shayari in Nepali … Nepali quotes for smile you will find some smile quotes for you :-, कसैलाई जबर जस्ती छैन, म सँग बोल्नै पर्छ भनेर  म ठीक लाग्छु भने बोल नत्र नबोले नी हुन्छ ।, तिम्रो ओठको लाली हेर्दा, जिब्रोले र्याल चुहाउन खोज्छ ।, सबैलाई लठ्ठ पार्नै आँखाभित्र कस्तो बात छ ।. You are my sweet companion now and until the end of time. It would be so selfish to me not to appreciate. I cherish you, dear. Life is like your favorite food, you separate the pieces that you like and eat them slowly and savor the taste so that it lasts forever and for the ones you don’t like you easily and quickly forget their texture and flavor, just like this people who you like and dislike are separated so that you can balance your diet and life. Nobody should try to dominate each other. You are my closest companion. Do not forget to like and comment and share the article. You are my angel and I am so much lucky to have you as my friend. We do not need to talk to each other daily about how we feel but when we do talk, I know for sure that it is a heart to heart connection. They will act as if nothing has happened, but deep down, they admire each other. You are precious to me and I sure cannot imagine what my life would have been without an awesome friend like yourself. Both are calm. Your talks, your jokes and the laughs we had really made me the person that I am today. I ask God will favor you and prop you up, you’ve done as such much for me that I wouldn’t improve the situation myself. The biggest gift that God has provided me with is the gift of my best friends. Oh well, my friends are just who they are. I will pick only one extraordinary companion than many customary companions. I cherish you, my sweet companion. It had pulled me out of the dark place and put myself in a much brighter and a happier place that I really cherish.

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