Before being hired by Warner Brothers in 1932, he had designed costumes for Broadway actresses. And Tony Curtis was originally offended that the studio wanted to pull old outfits out of wardrobe storage for him and Jack Lemmon to wear as the cross dressing males leads. Archie helped print his shawls, paint his ties, or hand-finish invites for his client’s parties. See more ideas about Orry kelly, Hollywood costume, Old hollywood. Suddenly feeling disgusted with himself, and out of his depth with the reputation he had made for himself, he called his mother. Orry Kelly- Bordertown, 1935 His skill seems to have been in being sympathetic to the star’s figures: padding was greatly used by the 1930s, not only on shoulder pads and in bras but on hips, too, and he often used it to even out an actresses’s figure by padding one side more than the other. Hi, I’m Theresa, an ex yacht chef and caterer turned vintage clothing seller who has one foot firmly planted in today with the other planted “back in the day.” This blog is my way of sharing my passion for vintage fashion and style and how looking to the past can inspire ways to add more glamour and creativity to your life. The sky turned to oxblood, everything went pitch black… Much later [we drove home]”. Design by WOOBRO, Vintage Blog – Fashion design to Subculture styles, Orry-kelly, Oscars and offending Marilyn Monroe, How to Wear the Bizarrely Fascinating Shell Suit Men’s Outfit. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE MESSAGE US BEFOREHAND***This listing is for one photo (reproduction not an original). Temper, not temperament, took over. According to Orry-Kelly, “Sydney’s fanciest floozies” in the 1910s had named themselves after the popular British Gaiety Girls like Elsie Lily and Rosie Boote, and donned a black-and-white “uniform” starting with a black satin dress. But just one coda: Cary Grant was a pallbearer at Orry-Kelly’s funeral when he died, thirty years later. Later, down on his luck, he was outraged to be offered $15.00 for a whole set of drawings. He mostly dug latrines, and was discharged early over his alcolism. Herald (8 1/2 X 11 1/2). Orry-Kelly’s costuming career, meanwhile, came about as he was an all round artistic type, able to put his hand to almost anything. Jul 8, 2019 - Explore Julie Allwright's board "Gowns By Orry Kelly" on Pinterest. Ginger Rogers publicity shot wearing her famous Orry Kelly “Coin” dress for Gold Diggers of 1933, Ginger Rogers in Orry Kelly Coin dress for Gold Diggers of 1933. [ Movie Posters ] Dark Victory (Warner Brothers, 1939). For this idea he was paid $1500. #50sfashion #1950sfa, Cute summer outfits from Florida Fashions Catalog, Model Melody May modelling a cute sarong skirt swi, Which one you wear? When he was engaged at Warner Brothers, his salary was astronomical and he was most proud to have re-negotiated it himself, without an agent. After that he planned the luxurious interior decor of various speakeasies, specialising in cheeky frogs with their backs turned, who looked as if they were fiddling with themselves. The time period is 1860s America. In fact, he claims he innocently lost his virginity to a woman who he thought hadn’t quite been able to remove the last traces of her stage makeup. He was also extremely tight with money. Perhaps Orry-Kelly’s seminal design was for the centrepiece dress worn by Davis in Jezebel, famously – and shockingly – red in a sea of white ball gowns, although the designer was rather hamstrung by the … “We’ve got ourself a new Clark Gable!” cried the studio head. Jewel Robbery 1932, ***ALL PHOTOS WILL ARRIVE AS SHOWN WITHOUT THE WATERMARK. Bette Davis in Orry Kelly costume 1934 Author Deborah Nadoolman Landis (who wrote the wonderful Dressed: A Century of Hollywood Costume Design - Harper Collins) features the work of one hundred costume artists of the last century. Audrey Withers, the editor of Vogue who kept it going through the war. Although he had made a deal with himself by then never to drink whilst on studio time, he says he often worked through huge hangovers. But he ended up with an Oscar for the designs! 22 Dec 2015 - Orry-Kelly was the professional name of Orry George Kelly (31 December 1897 – 27 February 1964), a prominent Hollywood costume designer. One star who definitely did not appreciate his input was Marilyn Monroe. Some Like it Hot - Film (Movie) Plot and Review - Publications on Film Reference. Cary Grant was violent, punching Orry-Kelly  during drunken arguments, and physically throwing him out of cars. During World War Two, he applied to join the army and was accepted, despite his apparently having the lowest IQ out of 1700 men stationed at St Petersburg. Orry Kelly design for Irene Dunne in Sweet Adeline 1934 Sep 26, 2016 - Explore Lori Lyon's board "Orry Kelly", followed by 247 people on Pinterest. Ava Gardner in One Touch of Venus, 1948. How about, McKay of Miami sundress 1958. He remained his mother’s baby for the rest of his life, regularly visiting and receiving loving letters reminding him to keep his bowels open. Cary Grant and Randolph Scott at home. THEY WILL ARRIVED JUST AS PICTURED. Taina Elg “Angele Ducros” champagne chiffon gown designed by Orry-Kelly from Les Girls - Profiles in History. Costume Design by Orry Kelly from the 1939 movie "DARK VICTORY" Bette Davis. The costumes Orry Kelly designed for Some Like it Hot in 1959 were considered seriously scandalous at the time. But that certainly didn’t put an end to his career, as  he was eventually  hired by  20th Century Fox and also freelanced for MGM, Universal and RKO. His father, however, was not so fond of young Orry-Kelly’s rather camp ways, kicking apart a toy theatre that the little boy had zealously decorated and costumed. Jewel Robbery 1932, William Powell Kay Francis from Jewel Robbery photo 1220-22, Helen Vinson and Kay Francis photo Jewel Robbery film scene 1220-21. ‘‘My short stay in the regular army made me regain values,’’ he wrote. From Cecil Beaton's sketches of My Fair Lady and Walter Plunkett's designs for Gone With the Wind to Irene Sharaff's costmes for Funny Girl and…. But this brilliant, perfectionist  had a dark side. Orry-Kelly (1897–1964) was an Australian-American Hollywood costume designer. At one point he was costuming sixty movies a year, and he had the magical talent of having a piece of gossip, vicious or adoring, about every one of his stars. “I looked at the virile twenty-nine-year-old Emil, born with all the elements of his father’s blood and the tropical beauty of his Polynesian child-mother; his liquid eyes gleamed like black leopard dots as he gazed across the purple Pacific. When measuring Marilyn Monroe for a fitting it is rumored he said “Tony (Curtis) has a better looking ass than you do!”. There are plenty of eye-popping descriptions of the “Two Shilling Girls” who he drank with in Sydney. Orry-Kelly swept many stars to fame by changing their personal style or suggesting modish new cropped haircuts. It's been three weeks since my last post and for me, it feels like three years. Born  in Australia,  Kelly was creative and artistic from a young age . In his autobiography, “Women I’ve Undressed” Orry-Kerry loved talking about all his shady friends, the prostitutes, bootleggers and con-artists who he found himself hanging out with just as much as the big names he later came to know in Hollywood. Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins in 'The Old Maid' (1939). The full page Herald gives us one of the best images of Ms. Davis ever, holding court in Orry-Kelly pink. Orry-Kelly was a wonderful costume designer who worked during the Golden Age of Hollywood, costuming (and offending) Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot, Ginger Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck, Rita Hayworth, Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca and Bette Davis in just about everything. Costume design by Orry-Kelly. But it is, Lilli Ann not only designed some of the most gorge, I love this look of skirt over playsuit. orry-kelly died of liver cancer in 1964. View sold price and similar items: A Black Lace Dress, from Hindman on Invalid date CDT. “Their hats were varied – some wore swathed turbans that veiled their eyebrows, others had white aigrettes or pale bird-of-paradise feathers jutting up from the crown and white fox furs slung over one shoulder, the head always biting the tail. Get 20% off all vintage clothing use code: VINTAGE. Marion Davis wearing an Orry Kelly white  eyelet embroidered organdy evening gown with fabulous peplum top and lace up belt. Beach fashion 1958 Lana Lobell, 40s Inspired Floral Dress for Trip to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Thinking Spring+Channeling the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Item was passed, Wonder Bar (1934 USA 84 mins) Source: ACMI/NLA Prod Co: Warner Bros-First National Pictures Prod: Robert Lord Dir: Lloyd Bacon Dir, Chor & Des of Musical Numbers: Busby Berkeley Scr: Earl Baldwin Phot: Sol Polito Ed: George Amy Art Dir: Jack Okey, Willy Pogany Cost: Orry-Kelly Mus: Al Dubin and Harry Warren Cast: Al Jolson, […]. 1950s formal dress in blue sequined l, Love this photo of actress Bebe Daniels lounging o, Just listed. View and license Mary Brian pictures & news photos from Getty Images. Orry-Kelly’s work was famous in his lifetime, and he designed the clothes for 295 films in total, with Oscars for An American In Paris, and Les Girls too. There are three terrific photos on the fold-over with…. For the first, Leach was deemed just too handsome. The time period is 1860s America. After the war he went back to the studios. From there it was a short hop to theatre scenery, but as one theatre impresario noted: “Kelly, you a’e much bette’ d’ess design’ than you a’e scenic.” Orry-Kelly took over a wardrobe department for a whole string of theatres. His strategy obviously worked though, as Some Like It Hot went on to win an Oscar. Marilyn Monroe in provocative Orry Kelly dress for Some Like it Hot 1959. To his friends, he was Jack. The red ball gown Bette Davis was supposed to wear in  Jezebel actually was made in brown because black and white film made a true red dress look black! Worn for her role in Cain and Mabel (1936), Marion Davis in white organdy Orry Kelly gown-Cain and Mabel 1936, The famous ball gowns Orry Kelly designed for Bette Davis in Jezebel (1938), Orry Kelly gowns-Bette Davis-Jezebel 1938. One of his first major successes was in a scene where “Girls in beautiful white feathered costumes with a swan’s head on one glove, were grouped around a glass lake. The photo "Kay Francis" has been viewed 400 times. Costume Sketch, Orry-Kelly (Australia, active United States, 1897-1964), United States, 1930s, Drawings, Gouache and pencil on paper. Explore Chickeyonthego's photos on Flickr. At the party, Orry-Kelly handed over the wad of cash, and though Leach looked embarrassed and said that he’d been drunk when he demanded the money he did accept it, and that was more or less that. Another design he was most proud of was a scene where girls with elaborate headdresses representing different countries appeared and stood in formation. Orry-Kelly was also the boyfriend of actor Cary Grant, and the two men lived together openly in a tumultuous relationship. As soon as he could, at 17 Orry-Kelly moved out of his small town and straight to Sydney, hoping to make it as an actor. Right up there with Gilbert Adrian and Travis Banton. In the Art Deco 1920s black and gold was fashionable for everything, including interiors. Drama. Before his entry into the world of costumes Orry-Kelly had been a straight man for a racetrack thief, a straight man in comedy acts on the stage, he had had businesses printing shawls and painting ties to make ends meet, moved into painting scenery for the stage and doing opulent interiors for the illegal nightclubs in Prohibition America, and from there to stage costumes and finally went into costumes for movies.

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