↺ “And also, definitely keep your “It’s been so long since I last hugged someone…I had forgotten how it feels like to be held.”. I’m begging you.”, “Never once, did I think it would come down to this.”, “Never once have I felt more safe, than I do with you.”, “How can I love you, when you can’t choose?”, “I can handle everyone else looking at me like that, but not you. Also use the sentence 'Who needs friends?' Person A makes sure to keep Person B’s grave is full of flowers, because that’s what they loved when they were still alive…. someone do dragons & dwarves, Tumblr decided to not let me save a draft correctly. i literally struggled over how to write this and ended up writing the tropiest thing i think i’ve ever written and i hope it’s okay if not let me know buddy <3, On If made out of wood, perhaps it could be used to construct a raft. ", "I'll go home, but it's not home unless you're there...", “I’m leaving and once I walk out that door, you are never gonna see me again.”, “Once, a long time ago, I thought I loved you.”, “You learn the signs… They aren’t hard to pick up on once you go through it yourself.”, “Just please, please, stay. Common Orc Spiritual beliefs hold that a Soul can only grow stronger by overcoming Challenges in life, and see intruding on another person’s Challenge unasked for as not just Rude, but Deeply Harmful. Lie to me if you have to.”, A: “You don’t get to give up–not after everything we’ve been through!”, B: “I’m sorry, A. I just … I can’t do this anymore.”, A: “That’s bullshit! Also use the sentence 'I don't need any sleep.' 24/7 Angst Prompts For all your angsty needs. Writing Prompts Random. something,” Caitlyn says. makes a face, leaning closer to peer at the picture. OTP Prompts, Free of Charge. Bonus prompt: Your character is very shy. “Fine.” A chokes out, the word thick in their throat. B is also left-handed. Yet, through all this, a bright spot remained. And then, (Example: Can I request #30 with Bakugou?). Bonus prompt: Your character is fearless to the point of stupidity. Person A comforting Person B, who is afraid of storms, during a massive thunderstorm. Prompts for your roleplaying, original character, pairing, story and all other types of writing needs. a credit card or anything.” She shrugs. For all that angst. (hi i'm the new owner of this site, feel free to report issues and give suggestions on https://twitter.com/OTPsgenerator)https://twitter.com/OTPsgenerator) It's about a beast and should include a bicycle. Vote. ", "If I would've known he was going to die, you think I would've done it? Sometimes, soulmates never meet, but with Person B, they are determined to locate A, as after the dream they realize how particularly shitty A’s life has been, as well as how much A could use them, maybe not even solely as a lover but as a friend. It’s just … it’s me. Also use the sentence 'I'd like a day without punishing you.' (Current)Sam and the reader decide to go out for drinks with Sully after getting closer to whatever they happen to be searching for. Dex salutes. ", "I'm sorry I made you into who you are today. “Rule one: If this dude comes in, do not ", "I know you love me, but I'm sick of lying when I say it back. And through it all, the fairy watched from the sidelines, heart breaking as they realized that that feeling they had whenever they saw the human was not just appreciation for their relationship and company, but in truth, love. Imagine them texting each other before job interviews or big meetings, because the heartbeat has become erratic, and they need to remind the other to calm down. Prompts borrowed from this list as well as from kink bingo. After their frustration and rage at this predicament has run dry, A is left wondering why on earth B seems so… impassive, in the face of what had sent all the other residents running for their lives.One day A just straight up asks B about their concerning lack of basic sense of self-preservation apathy. It's about a ghost and should include a contract. Ideas for an RP ... Come ask and submit your own angsty ideas! Story prompts modeled after the 48 Hour Film Project. ", "I don't think I can spend another night in the same bed as the man/woman who ruined my life", "I always told her to quit second guessing herself...and she never listened", "I'd rather die than live in a world like this. He used to come in, like, every day, buy one small The work produced is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. They’re just individuals that care very much for each other and push each other to succeed and become better people.

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