#571 PETERSEN – Son of Peter. #603 MELENDEZ – Visigoth surname meaning “Entire Gift.” #633 KIRBY – Lives near the Church/Farm. 4. #583 MORA – Blackberry. Here’s why. #599 COLLIER – Occupational surname for someone who sells or burns charcoal. #868 PACE – The peaceful one. More than 50 photographers from The New York Times are capturing the final day of voting across America. #441 DOYLE – Irish surname from the Gaelic “Dhubh-ghall” meaning “dark stranger.” Literally means “black.” #641 VINCENT – Conqueror. Davis — 1.4 million. #412 RAMSEY – Locational surname from the town of Ramsey, UK. #570 WILKINS – Family of William. #779 CONWAY – Irish surname from “Mac Connmhaigh,” a descriptional surname meaning “Head Smasher” or “Mac Connbhuidhe,” meaning “yellow hound” #126 COLE – From the word “coal” indicating a coal miner or possibly someone with darker skin. An English bulldog finds a hilarious place to take a nap. #588 UNDERWOOD – Literally means “below the trees of a forest,” and could be a habitational surname. #805 CHUNG – Chinese/Korean surname literally meaning “hanging bell flower.” Since those are the countries from which many of America's original settlers came, it's hardly surprising. Someone Managed To Get A Flying Car To Actually Fly, The Best, Weirdest Dear Prudence Letters Of The Decade, How Every State Has Voted For President Since 1976, Visualized, Two Storm Troopers Start To Question Everything About Their Existence In This Excellent 'The Mandalorian' Parody, An Additional Planet Between Saturn And Uranus Was Kicked Out Of The Solar System, Stressed About The Election? Every day we send an email with the top stories from Digg. #374 WOLFE – Wolf or Wolf-like. #513 SALAS – Literally means “room, hall.” Could be habitational or occupational for someone who worked in a mansion. #682 CALLAHAN – From the Gaelic surname “O Ceallachain.” #322 HOPKINS – From the family of Hob (nickname for Robert). #778 KENT – From Kent, England or literally “from the coast.” #930 HAYDEN – From the hedge enclosure, down hill. For those of you wondering which Irish family names are most-popular today, your wait is finally over! You’ll definitely want to check out the best free tourist attractions in every state. #268 GILBERT – Bright Pledge. And if we look past English-speaking countries to survey other nations around the world, what are the most common surnames of each country? #557 SHEPHERD – Occupational surname for a herder of sheep. #938 SHEPPARD – Occupational surname for a shepherd. #269 DEAN – From the valley. #869 RUSH – From the place with reeds or occupational surname for someone who worked with reeds. #495 NORMAN – From the northern region of France. #829 NOBLE – From nobility. #62 MORRIS – Dark-skinned, from the Moors. #145 WASHINGTON – From the area belonging to Wassa’s people. #233 SANDOVAL – From Sandoval, Spain. #244 VALDEZ – Son of Valdo/Waldo. While Smith remains the most common U.S. surname, for the first time, two Hispanic names—Garcia and Rodriguez—made the top 10. #990 BRANCH – Possibly a habitational surname for someone from Branch, a land division in Wiltshire, U.K. or from Branches Park, a former country mansion in West Suffolk, U.K. #33 ALLEN – Little rock. #375 WARNER – Guard. #724 MATA – Habitational name derived from a number of towns in Spain and Portugal. #389 ERICKSON – Son of Eric. Anderson is only listed as one of the top three most common last names in eight states, and Utah is one of them. #763 BARAJAS – Habitational surname for a family from any number of villages of that name. #709 TANNER – Occupational surname for someone who tanned hides. #917 HALEY – From the hay clearing. #569 NASH – From the place near the ash tree. #983 TERRELL – Stubborn one. #993 ROWLAND – From the renowned land. #837 ENRIQUEZ – Son of Enrique. #706 BAXTER – Occupational surname meaning a female baker. #404 CHANDLER – Occupational surname for a candle-maker. #932 LEVY – From the family of Levi. Williams is the third most common, Johnson is the second, and Smith is the first. #197 DUNN – Dark or brown in complexion. Brittany Gibson is a regular contributor to RD.com’s culture, food, health, and travel sections. #959 MADDOX – From the ancient Welsh male name “Matoc” meaning “good fortune.” #764 ROACH – From the French surname “Roches,” meaning “lives near a rocky crag.” #552 PATRICK – Nobleman. Wang, a patronymic surname that means "king" in Mandarin, is the most common surname in China. Visit our Privacy Policy for more info. This is the most popular Christmas gift in every state. #791 BARTLETT – Son or family of Bartholomew. #398 VELASQUEZ – Son of Velasco. #592 HOUSTON – From Hugh’s town. #125 WEST – From the West. #424 SWANSON – Son of Swan or an occupational surname for a herdsman (swain). The third most common is Garcia, which is only in the top three lists of four other states. #489 SCHROEDER – German occupational surname for a tailor. #318 ÁVILA – From the city of Avila, Spain. #795 O’DONNELL – Family of Donnell/Donald. #193 RYAN – Irish surname and given name meaning “descendant of a follower of Rían” #22 PEREZ – Son of Pedro (Pedrez/Perez). #120 GRAHAM – People who lived in or near a “gravelly homestead” – a contraction of the name Grantham (like Downton Abbey) #572 BRIGGS – Variation of the name Bridges – could be habitational for someone who lived near a bridge or occupational for someone who built bridges. #230 WILLIS – Family of William. #121 REYNOLDS – Family or son of Reginald, or the King (rey). #520 ESCOBAR – Habitational surname for someone who lived in or near a place overgrown with broom (a shrub with long, thin green stems). #622 SINGLETON – Habitational surname of people who lived in a town named Singleton or in or near a burnt clearing. Given to a young person who was excitable or energetic. #970 CHERRY – Occupational surname for someone who grew or sold cherries. According to an analysis by 24/7 Wall Street. #819 McINTOSH – Son of the chief, leader. #251 FRANKLIN – Free man. Besides having copious amounts of waterways and tons of coastlines, Maryland is one of four states that has Jones as one of its most common last names. Literally “Priest’s Town.” #527 McBRIDE – Son of the servant of Brighid. Alan – Harmony. #368 MILES – Son of Mile. #219 ALVARADO – From the white land. Here's How It Works, Humpback Whale Nearly Swallows Kayaker Like Monstro From 'Pinocchio' In Shocking Close Encounter, What A Fluke: Dutch Whale Tail Sculpture Catches Metro Train, The Pandemic Case For The Two-Day Workweek, John Mulaney Reveals His Shock When Colin Jost Asked Out Scarlett Johansson. #767 JACOBSON – Son of Jacob. cauldrons). #975 ALFARO – Spanish habitational surname for someone from Alfaro, Spain in the Logroño province. Perhaps to describe a person who is steadfast or stubborn. #369 LYONS – Son or family of Lyon. #788 GAINES – Nickname surname for someone who was very clever. Literally means “foreign help.” #206 SANTOS – Saints or Family of Santo. #440 GROSS – Big, large. This Midwestern state, sometimes known as the Buckeye State, is home to residents whose last names are most commonly Johnson, the third most common, Miller, the second most common, and Smith, the first most common. #602 WILCOX – Son of William. #257 JACOBS – Family of Jacobs #790 CUEVAS – Habitational surname for someone who lived in or near caves. Literally means “little shield.” #401 AGUIRRE – From a prominent place. #82 BROOKS – Family who lived by or near a brook (creek). #623 KIRK – Literally means “church” and could be a habitational surname for someone who lived near a church or occupational for someone who worked in a church, like a pastor. Williams — 1.9 million. #473 GUERRA – Literally means “war,” used for a stubborn person or soldier. #620 HUYNH – Korean surname meaning “bright” or “yellow.” #409 DENNIS – Family of Dennis. These are the most difficult-to-pronounce towns in every state. #220 RAY – Ray of sunshine, or King. #584 VALENZUELA – Habitational surname from several places named Valenzuela in Spain. #748 ENGLISH – Person from England. #631 WALL – Lives near a city wall or enclosure. A powerful moderator intentionally helped make it that way. #173 WAGNER – Occupational surname for a wagon maker. #551 CAIN – Hebrew name meaning “acquired.” #991 HENDRIX – Family of Heinrich. You can find some of America’s best road trips in North Dakota and these other four states. #407 BOWEN – Welsh surname meaning Son of Owain. #160 HUNTER – Occupational surname for an animal hunter/trapper. #438 HARMON – Form of the name Herman, meaning “army man.” KleinVision pulled off the much hyped innovation that has alluded so many people, a working flying car. #367 HORTON – From the farm on muddy soil. We recommend our users to update the browser. #49 CARTER – Occupational surname for a cart driver. #384 McCARTHY – Form of the Gaelic “Mac Carthaigh” meaning son of Carthach (loving). #91 PRICE – Family of Rhys. #662 ATKINS – Family of Adam. #31 WALKER – Occupational surname for a person who walked on damp cloth in order to thicken it. #650 SOSA – Portuguese surname meaning “from the salt water” (salsa agua) #910 DELAROSA – From the family of Rose, or from an area where wild roses grew. #364 HAIL – From the remote valley. #305 HOLLAND – From the Netherlands/Holland. #12 LOPEZ – Son of Lope/Lobe, meaning “wolf.” #43 NELSON – Son of Neil. #396 DANIEL – God is my judge. #142 FERNANDEZ – Son of Fernando Smith is the second most common and Johnson is the first. #79 WARD – Guardian #684 CLINE – From the German “klein” meaning little, small. #884 LANDRY – Land ruler. #290 YANG – Chinese surname meaning “willow tree or aspen.” #419 PACHECO – Noble one, or person from France. #192 WEAVER – Occupational surname for a weaver of cloth. #129 HERRERA – Occupational surname for an iron worker (ferrier). #190 STEPHENS – Family of Stephen. #870 HURLEY – From the village on cleared land. #315 NAVARRO – Person from Navarre, France. That's just the way it is. #803 CALHOUN – Variant of the Scottish surname, Colquhoun, meaning “nook” or “corner.” #178 STONE – Occupational surname for someone who worked with stone, or a family who lived near a stony area. #550 BARRERA – Family that lived near muddy area or ground of clay. #238 ESTRADA – Literally means “street” or “way” #563 McKENZIE – Scottish Gaelic clan name meaning “Son of Coinneach,” literally meaning “fair one.” #328 BECK – Leaves by the stream. If you need to kill time, unwind or just think about literally anything other than the election, do yourself a favor and head to this website. The legendary musician performs "Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution" for "Late Night with Seth Meyers" in a rare TV appearance. #632 BOONE – Good person or from Bohon, France. This map shows the food your state hates the most. #122 GRIFFIN – Mythological creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion. There’s a good chance no one outside of your state will understand these slang words. #39 HILL – Family who lived near or on a hill. #7 MILLER – Occupational surname for someone who worked in a mill. #776 WHITEHEAD – Descriptional surname for someone with white or very light blonde hair. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. #504 CASEY – Irish surname from the Gaelic “O’Cathasaigh,” meaning “son of Cathasach” This is how far $100 will get you in every state. Furanocoumarins found in grapefruit, limes and pomelos interfere with medications. #535 YATES – Occupational or habitational surname for someone who was a gate-keeper, or lived near a prominent gate.

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