Here's my two cents on the matter: I didn't wake up after graduation married with three kids, I don't have a mortgage, I don't live in the suburbs, I'm 23 and enjoying the shit out of life and now I can do it with money. Idk man I'm drunk as fuck and kinda venting but this post was I opening to me. The girl I had been friendly with told me that I looked like the Hulk throwing four dudes off me. Reporting on what you care about. hehe, — Rob Gronkowski (@RobGronkowski) October 5, 2012. We made sure not to step on their property so they couldn’t get us in trouble with the cops, but they called the cops on us anyway and we had to get out of there., — Orlando Vargas (@OrlandoRVargas) August 30, 2012. I'm in good shape with a job lined up and all that but I'm curious what your guys' solutions are for having a fraternity-like experience after college. Popped collars, not the dog, obviously. Working full time is just that: it's a lot of work. ← Houston Coach Kelvin Sampson’s Story About Player’s Family Unable To Afford Attending The Tourney Will Make You Hate The NCAA, This Week’s Hottest New Sneaker Releases Plus Our Top ‘Kicks Pick Of The Week’ (Updated) →. Is 5 years a regular thing at your school?? They even have rituals. Well, remember when I said life can be anything you want it to be? People still party hard after college, make new friends, and the hookup culture is still alive throughout the 20s (and in some cities even the 30s). Some frat guy’s girl was getting overly friendly with me and the guy didn’t like it. The relationship I have with my brothers is similar to a second family for me. In the future I know I won't make lots of money but I'm looking forward to new experiences working in different parts of the country. #ThrowbackThursday I know @GordieGronk will like this 1! Yes but the dues are pretty insane unless you have bands, just about any _______ Athletic Club. Kenny Chesney eventually got the memo and got rid of his, but you should get rid of yours ASAP. The cops got there but we got home, our shirts bloodied, and didn’t get into trouble. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. WTF do you guys do after college? You won't be able to live in a dorm, or join a fraternity or sorority. The social opportunities along with many other great things in life will come to you if you keep you head up and don't break down into the cynical bitter graduate. Me or @RobGronkowski Pictures don't lie! Hangout with alumni is what graduated brothers do, usually they meet up a clubs and bars, Stay involved with the alumni association. A lot less free time to do shit on a whim. I really needed this I'm graduating in the spring and will probably be moving far away from home. However, after college, wearing one of these makes you look like that creepy old guy at the party. So I didn’t join a frat in college cuz I was a loser. Pretty much the only thing to look forward to is when myself and other graduated brothers in disparaging situations decide to meet up somewhere for a weekend and rage like the olden times. Also, FYI, when you wear them we can all see your wiener. I had made a mistake as a freshman in going by myself to one particular frat party. Back then, Gronk wasn’t the household name he is today, but you’d have to have a couple screws loose to try to test your physical prowess against a man of his size. There is a lot of depressing stuff out there about life after college which can make a lot of you still in college scared of the real world. Are there frat like opprotunitues after college or is it kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity that I missed out on? There is a lot of depressing stuff out there about life after college which can make a lot of you still in college scared of the real world. I know as someone who graduated college a few years ago how that fear can be, moving on to the next phase of life yet hearing all the depressing stories about it. But it doesn't have to be that way. Life after college has a really shitty basement but a really high ceiling. 71 votes, 55 comments. The look of desperation is doubled after college, so just put them away in your chest of memories and remember them fondly, like that time your bro dared you to chug that entire bottle of ketchup. Social life, the fun, the parties, and all of that happen after college; you just have to be the guy that life wants to come to because if you aren't, that life will avoid you. Are you currently playing basketball? Are we talking Big 4 accounting/consulting or MBB consulting? Items include: Phish concert shirts, Bob Marley shirts, clever 420 shirts, etc. It seems so foreign to me, make urself some children (and haze them). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Eventually eight of them got me to the ground and I was taking kicks everywhere, but our quarterback, Willie Tuitama, was there, and when he saw what was going on, he helped get me out of there. I can't get down with poker. If I lived in a Podunk backwater town, I'd probably sit on my porch and do a lot more drinking. Actually, no one should ever wear this look. My pledge brother moved to NYC after college, he says being in NYC in your 20s is like being in college except "the girls are hotter, parties are wilder, and the bars are better". We're lucky to have a big organization that runs tons of events year round. It was great having the hot sorority girls party with us at Club G, but it pissed off the frat guys who were supposed to be getting with them. When we got there, Chris and Gord were screaming at them to come and fight. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Mostly just full of geezers at this point but they also have 20oz draughts of High Life for like 50¢ and dues are $50/year so I'm not bitchin. Well, now you don't need three hoodies, four shirts, and two pairs of shorts stating where you went. Please, just get shorts that fit you and have an appropriate amount of pockets, OK? Honestly, pick up a productive hobby or skill to work on. So, y'know, don't be that guy. TNT. Also got an indoor team with some of them as well. Aaron Rodgers crashed a college party after discovering a fake frat he made up as an inside joke with a teammate actually existed. Go ahead and call me lame as fuck, but I've done my fair share of crazy shit and I'm kinda ready to start making real money. Remember when your parents brought you to orientation and you used their looming sadness to your advantage by convincing them to buy you a bunch of clothes at the college bookstore? Graduation in the Spring for me after going the full 5 years. I’m a captain for my outdoor soccer team 3 years running and have been with those boys for even longer. Most of them have reduced prices if you're under 30 just fyi. Post college, most people are also working on stuff like families, relationships, kids, full time jobs and then dumb stuff like mowing your lawn and getting dry cleaning done. Bit of a drunk post here but I'm a senior and my frat life has expired early. Great read. I know that there will never be anything like this again and I need to cherish this while also proactively working towards my future. Other than that stuff, I think life after school is actually better if that's what you make it to be. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Life is a beautiful thing and after college, you still have your 20s in store and even your 30s. I started college at 24 after having served six years in the Navy. Reddit. Free masons are like fraternities and share a lot of the same rituals/traditions, Later in life, wine groups/poker groups. Keep one or two mementos and chuck the rest, because chances are they still reek of the cheap beer you got on them while doing all those keg stands. Basically any opportunity to do activity with some fellow guys that are cool and down for the occasional send is where it’s at. You won't find another thing like being in a fraternity. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Alcohol is the reason why college … They're great, and any cause to keep them healthy gets my full support. Downsides of not being in college anymore: A lot less forced interaction (as OP mentioned), which I kind of miss. If you need more time in college after 5 years, you didn't do it right. So, y'know, don't be that guy. About the negativity, whining, and horror stories you hear. The ultimate in lazy college dude fashion. Aaron Rodgers crashed a college party after discovering a fake frat he made up as an inside joke with a teammate actually existed. For reference, I live in an up and coming part of one of the top 10 biggest cities in the U.S., you can probably guess it from my previous comments about traveling. Another friend of mines decided to do acting as a hobby and take a class in it while working full time, that has helped his social life tremendously. Edit: Oh and good looks, good looks help too. Cars and Coffee is one example, I'm sure some other hobbies that have decent depth have a fairly national community system if you dig for it. Obsessed with travel? Hot girls aren't lined up at the front door of my apartment every Thursday-Saturday night looking to get drunk; I have to actively go out and do shit in order to make that happen. I know my friend’s coworkers were blowing rails of coke off their company phones at a bar on friday. My first thought, other than wondering what hit me, was that I didn’t want to get into trouble with my coach and get suspended. Maddie Meyer/Getty Images. ... Reddit. Those come from people who are either in terrible circumstances (moved back home with parents or in a small city), aren't proactive about life, and aren't really the kind of people who would be fun at parties. You could have easily decided not to do it but you still did it and for the most of you, it paid off.

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