ODFW staff will be available by phone and email. © 2020 www.statesmanjournal.com. Rodent like nasty, so the places they hang out are likely to have filth and disease. Salem Oregon Rat Control Experts – Call Us at 541-636-0146 Locally owned for fast, exceptional service. The short, dense fur on the dorsum ranges from sooty gray to dark brown or black, with scattered yellowish hairs. In areas vegetated by sagebrush or chaparral, it leaves little or no evidence of its presence. “Rats are very intelligent and resourceful,” Sanchez said. Light rain produces an increase in activity and heavy rain suppresses activity. It is absent from the Willamette Valley and other interior valleys west of the Cascade Range. Spying rats in your home or on your property will increase your awareness, and there will be a lot of focused efforts on getting rid of them. Commonly, adjacent stick houses are connected by paths between ground level openings that lead to large central chambers through a maze of passageways. The bushy-tailed woodrat is a large rat-like mammal; its squirrel-like tail unique among members... Desert woodrat. This heavy-bodied rat has a scantily haired, scaly tail shorter than the length of the head and body. The bushy-tailed woodrat is a large rat-like mammal; its squirrel-like tail unique among members of the genus, is gray above and whitish below. Updated weekly by fish and wildlife biologists throughout the state. It occurs, statewide in a wide variety of habitats. More: Get indoor pests to bug off without chemicals, More:14 worms pulled from the eye of Oregon woman with rare infection. The pelage is ashy gray mixed with brown and black on the dorsum shading to light gray or whitish on the venter. The white-footed vole is among the smaller voles. These voles occasionally become so abundant that control measures are necessary. Use a smaller aperture hardware cloth rather than chicken wire. It is a denizen of forest habitats, but tends to be most abundant in closed canopy old-growth forests containing an abundance of fallen logs. In September and October, these jumping mice become exceedingly fat; in captivity, they become progressively less active. In Oregon, the long-tailed vole occurs in 30 of the 36 counties. Even compost without kitchen scraps provides insects that rats consume, unless the pile is kept hot enough to kill them. Hair on the venter is dusky washed with buff or white; the tail is blackish, slightly darker above that below; and the fur on the ears is black. The deer mouse is a moderately small mouse-like rodent that exhibits considerable variation in color, tail length and markings. In Oregon it occurs in the Ochoco, Blue, and Wallowa Mountains southwestward to central Crook County and northern Harney County. At the very least, keep food scraps out of compost pile. Just make sure you don’t use it somewhere that pets and kids will find it. They go by various names: the House Rat, English Rat, Ship Rat, and the most common, local name for this northwest rat, the Roof Rat. It is a native of southeastern Asia. There's no rhyme or reason (to why the rats are there). Various Oregon specimens have been found among mossy stones along a small stream that flows through a heavy forest of Douglas-fir with an understory of sword fern, moss and a tangle of vine maple in or around a salmonberry thicket. It is active throughout the day but most activity occurs below the ground. The gray-tailed vole is a medium-sized vole with yellowish-brown or yellowish-gray dorsal pelage and a short tail, blackish or brownish above and light gray below.

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