Quiz: US Citizenship Test - Could You Pass? and View Comments, Terms of Use / Privacy Policy / Manage Newsletters. I’m offering a progressive alternative. Vote Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor. It’s time for a change. Ms. Iannarone promptly condemned the action. They need to be heard, not hurt.”. “The mayor of Portland should not be taking marching orders from Donald Trump’s tweets.”. Drone wars: U.S. military maneuvers to defeat enemy unmanned aircraft. “We cannot respond to an inquiry which implies one can be a part of Antifa or which intentionally confuses the default position of antifascism with membership with any group,” he said in an email. McKelvey said he then stepped in…. https://t.co/SWhK8lrdkS. “To those who say Antifa are violent thugs,” she tweeted a year ago. Leading Portland Mayoral Candidate Wears Skirt Depicting Mass Murderers. Instead of hurting her, the rioting spurred by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody may have helped Ms. Iannarone by giving her political ammunition. As with so many leftist men, McKelvey landed in hot water with the #MeToo movement. Mr. Wheeler, 57, has sought to discourage right-wingers from rallying in Portland, but he has run afoul of leftist extremists by refusing to ban right-wing groups from holding rallies on city property, given the free speech issues involved. Too close to call: Senate control may not be known until next year A former Oregon state treasurer, Mr. Wheeler is as liberal as the next big-city mayor. here for reprint permission. My name is Sarah Iannarone (she/her) and I'm a mom, community leader and Portland State educator. Portland police, who have made at least 75 arrests, may have a different view of whether the protests are peaceful, but Ms. Iannarone said the presence of law enforcement is making matters worse. #antifa https://t.co/hF8U3ua5H1 pic.twitter.com/RenLroZMQH. She's a heartbeat away from a baccalaureate in Arts and Letters from PSU, with a minor in professional writing, publishing concentration. I’m asking for your vote. I’ve advised urban leaders from around the world how to make their cities great. The current Mayor’s record is full of broken promises on solutions for houselessness and inequality. Campaign Chief Is Open Communist, The Hate-America “1619 Project” Fed to Kids, Fear Nothing, Your Crime Will Go Unpunished, Ramifications of Voting Without Understanding Issues, Federal Criminal Investigation of Joe Biden’s Ukrainian Influence-peddling Opened, President Trump Declares He Won’t Participate in Virtual Debate, Biden Campaign: Trump One State Away From Winning a Second Term, Efficient Voter Processing — An Alternative to Early Voting. The images of Mao and Guevara are clear, although a third is not. This city is on the verge of greatness, or continued decline. Meaningful climate targets. She is exactly the leader this city needs. Click to Read More “The solution to outrage over police brutality is not a more militarized presence in our streets,” she said. If you believe her attire, Sarah Iannarone is a fangirl of communist mass murderers, if not an open communist who might have mass murder as her own plan for whom she calls “Red Hats.”. The leading mayoral candidate in Portland, who says “I am Antifa,” appears to be a little more than that. I co-founded a successful business in my Southeast Portland neighborhood. The SkirtProof that Iannarone is at least a sympathizer with mass murder came in a tweet from Ngo. pic.twitter.com/kAu3a3PgUF. I put my kid through Portland Public Schools. Results for {phrase} ({results_count} of {results_count_total}), Displaying {results_count} results of {results_count_total}. “I stand proudly beside the good people of this city organizing in countless ways every day to oppose hate in its myriad forms.”, TOP STORIES “When the people stand up, the mayor should stand with them. She was savvy enough to take advantage of Portland’s little-used campaign financing program, which matches donations of $50 or less by 6-to-1, bringing her $330,892 in public funding, according to Willamette Week. Twitter is losing users, just as censorship fatigue hits hard. “Red Hats,” meaning Trump supporters, are preparing a second Final Solution, Iannarone says: And if you don’t understand why the Red Hats would want to exterminate Jews (many of whom present w/ white privilege) or trans people or even women’s rights, then you need to get educated on what the ethnostate they’re fighting for is about. “I Am a Communist”Ngo also provided another piece of information that voters will appreciate. “There was never any allegation that I struck her.”. Frighteningly for normal Portlanders, Iannarone is polling 11 points of ahead of opponent, incumbent Mayor Ted Wheeler, who permitted and encouraged Antifa to seize control of Portland’s streets. With her short, elfin red hair and round glasses, the 46-year-old looks more like a cool college professor than a street radical. Kate Brown, a Democrat, to send in National Guard troops to bolster local officers. “I am not a violent thug and I am Antifa.”. “This perpetuates the ‘us vs. them’ attitude that is ripping our city apart. It appears to be Castro, although the Daily Caller identified the third likeness as Stalin’s. Sarah Iannarone : 51,849 : 23.82% : Nonpartisan: Teressa Raiford: 18,310 8.40% Nonpartisan: Ozzie González 12,632 5.80% Nonpartisan: Bruce Broussard 11,336 5.20% Nonpartisan: Randy Rapaport 3,816 1.75% Nonpartisan: Piper Crowell 3,272 1.50% Nonpartisan: Mark White 2,308 1.06% Nonpartisan: Cash Carter 1,488 0.68% Nonpartisan: Sharon Joy 901 0.42% Nonpartisan: Willie Banks 789 0.36% … That landed her in the November runoff with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who came up just shy of the 50% threshold needed to win the race outright. “It’s about sticking it to the man to achieve social justice goals.”. I believe that we will win. Official records of McKelvey’s arrest were expunged. Sarah Iannarone: It’s the climate, stupid. I put my kid through Portland Public Schools. - JavaScript is required for full functionality on this website, but scripting is currently disabled. And his boss thinks wearing clothing bearing the likenesses of mass murderers “satirizes” them. Tuesday, June 2, 2020, Campaign 2020: Complete election coverage, EXCLUSIVE: DHS, DOJ ready new crackdown on bogus asylum claims. (Sarah Iannarone, own work, via Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0) Well you can’t say you weren’t warned, Portland. I’m not a politician, and I’m running a campaign free of big money corruption. “There is a subculture in Portland that goes along with their unofficial motto of ‘Keep Portland Weird,’ where a certain amount of anarchy is embraced,” Mr. Currier said. She frequently defends Antifa activists as peaceful and blames law enforcement and the far-right for skirmishes. Look at the skirt. Despite her proud stance, or maybe because of it, Ms. Iannarone placed second in the crowded May 19 mayoral primary with 23.8% of the vote. Click In his statement, McKelvey said his ex-girlfriend was upset and had been drinking when she arrived at his dorm on the weekend before her 18th birthday and later became “physical” with another woman there. On his watch, things keep getting worse. “He’s in a no-win situation,” said Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier, mayor of Adair Village.

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