My father's family comes from Steken and Cejetice in Southern Bohemia. Are there certain names that signify this?Thanks!S. Hi there, I have a quick question. I've already learned so much about my ancestors homeland. I did find Pisinger on the wall at Terezin and some survivors with the same name, but our line was Catholic.Help? Any idea on the meanings? Provazník comes from an occupation - it means rope-maker. Would anyone be able to tell me what the name means, and how common of a name it is? Other spellings could be Poláček and Polascek.I was wondering if this is a Czech name.Thanks! It's quite complicated change but such changes happened in Middle Ages. :). We have found so much useful info on your blog, so thank you so much for taking the time to do it! Much appreciated for your time and effort. I am interested in the name of the church, schooland cemetery in that town. Hello, current form is Oktábec - as seen on -'s not a royal name, it comes from a church feast "oktáv" (octave) - see wikipedia for explanation: surname was created by common replacement of V by B and by addition of suffix -ec, which means a person doing something, in this case person celebration octave. Balog, from the Hungarian bal, "left," or Old Slavic blg, "marsh," or both, 10. Thanks! ill give it a shot. I cannot find any information anywhere, but I know she grew up in Odry (they moved there). All I know is that she came from a town/village in “Bohemia S E” called something like Okratz Bohemia or Okraty or Okratz. And the person who first held Hromek surname was most probably younger or smaller Hrom (younger brother, youngest son of man called Hrom). I don't know which village or town they were from. so I'm not sure.Holkup isn't a common last name in the USA, so if someone runs into a Holkup, I'm related to them somehow! Some of the other surnames I have not been able to find the origins of (also from Bohemia) are Hostak and Šubr. Hi Blanka,I know my grandmother's family was originally from Vienna (I think), but the surname is Kurdal, is that by any chance bohemian czech? Any help you can offer about origins or meanings, alternate spellings would be great. thanks Karen. I have read that Šestak is a very rare surname. 7. Grandma was also Greek Orthodox Catholic and we've wondered where this church evolved from. Rosch being near Czernowitz. The name on the ship's passenger list is spelled Cisar. This is a wonderful blog! Hello there. I have a general idea of the first one, maybe a decendent of a jana who was a farmer or something? This line originates most probably in Prcice in Central Bohemia - what about yours? Basically, the only information kept is the surname, location and county in Slovakia, and name and address of the submitter. Do you know the origin or meaning of that name? Kaplan (meaning chaplain) was the surname of my 2x great grandfather and 2x great grandmother maiden name was Jenista. Also, Bohemia wasn't recognized by the USA so most of the census records and citizenship applications in Wisconsin listed Austria (as in Austria Hungary Empire) by default, no matter what the citizen claimed. All my best, Jen Baldwin, Colorado. Do you have any information about the Rostochil surname? Jan Tesař was Jan, the carpenter. Budapest, had services almost exclusively in Slovak, Slovak introduces variations to last names. Thank you so much! Would you have any Clues on their origin or meaning?

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