Maybe if you’re selling clothing, you find that they get more clicks when they’re on the model instead of laying flat on a white background, for example. Enjoy your new Spotify playlist cover photo! Then cut out the actual album cover. You want to use the highest resolution image possible without sacrificing site quality; if a site is slow, after all, you can start losing sales quickly. Your best cover ever. Keep in mind that stores and their requirements around cover art format can vary – for example just because Spotify albums / Spotify covers require a 1500×1500 pixel format, you shouldn’t discount how it might look elsewhere. Playlist. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. It’s neutral, and it helps people review their options quickly and see what exactly it is they’re clicking on. Click on whichever one you like most, start from there and edit it to your liking! The most popular Shopify image file format is JPG, which offer a great balance between high quality and great compression for fast site loading speeds. This can range from a woman twirling in the dress you’re selling, or people standing sitting outside the tent you’re looking to promote with the woods in the background. Get industry news, studies, how-to articles, exclusive Bannersnack offers and product updates every other week. We don’t have the answer to this question, which is why we recommend contacting the Spotify team. The images used as an album art in Spotify are 640x640px, Album art acceptable for stores is at least 1600x1600px : ). You might find that images with backgrounds work best as the primary images. Android app:, Website: Spotify hasn’t released any specific answer to this question, but according to users and the Spotify community, the minimum Spotify playlist cover size is 300×300 pixels but can vary between any 1:1 ratio, as long as it is right at or under 4MB. One study even found that a 100-millisecond delay in site loading times could cause conversion rates to drop by 7%. Note: I'm not a Spotify employee. Well, we have tons of beautiful Spotify playlist cover templates for you to choose from. Your playlist cover photo must be a JPG file. My name is Victor. Spotify has everything covering a great playlist for a night out, studying tunes, relaxation mode, meditation, work-outs, and more! Now double click on the current playlist cover image and upload your image from your computer, 4. Once you’ve created your personal Spotify playlist, the initial cover photo will automatically be the cover photo of the first 4 songs in your playlist, until you upload your own cover photo. You can create your own professionally-designed Spotify playlist cover, even if you’re not a professional designer. There multiple types of different images that you can choose from to market your product, and opting to choose a single style to feature as the primary product image is an excellent choice. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s friendly for paying and non-paying users alike(with some premium features missing here and there if you’re using the free version). Run dedicated split tests, only testing the images to see what gets you more clicks and more conversions. “Music sets the mind free and restores the soul.”. This is. What do you think? Now that you know you can make amazing Spotify playlist covers, what are you waiting for? Today we’re going to go over a ton of amazing Spotify playlist cover examples, and then you’ll have the chance to use our Spotify playlist cover maker! If you’re one of those people who like to listen to music while studying then check out these playlists and admire their artwork! If you can upload images of so many different shapes and sizes, for example, how do you find out which one is best? Click on the playlist you want to edit, 3. Create your Custom Song Plaque Glass Spotify/ Youtube/ TikTok Wall Decor. Customize your Shopify banner size to the most popular screen sizes, including retina. In this post we’ll look at everything you need to know about the best Shopify image sizes and how to optimize them to help you sell more right away. A cover that will include your personal style, will represent the style of your music and looks visually pleasing. This is where cover art size (1600×1600 pixels) is important. Take a look at these awesome Spotify workout playlist cover examples. Unfortunately, you can not upload a Spotify playlist cover from your phone at the moment. What is the maximum resolution for an album Image in Spotify please? What is Spotify’s playlist cover size? READ ALSO. Originally I thought it was always the album covers of the first 4 songs you upload; however, I recently added a third song from an album (like 75 songs in, none were first-4) and the playlist removed the 4th album cover posted and updated to add the album cover from the 3 songs from the same album. This could include a graphic showing three different variants, comparing sizes or options, or even a size chart. Images of the product in use, with a rich background. Hi. The most popular Shopify image file format is JPG, which offer a great balance between high quality and great compression for fast site loading speeds. They have multiple different shopping cart and payment options naturally integrated into the platform, and there are thousands upon thousands of apps that can help you do everything from automate your accounting to create shipping labels at a discount. Hey, I really enjoyed your article, I love making my own playlists with their own covers.

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