Mikovits’ doctoral thesis changed the treatment of HIV-AIDS, and saved the lives of millions, including that of basketball legend Magic Johnson. This is a vast pandemic and massive catastrophe. The National Guard was deployed. Nations are collapsing. Calvo, Fabian Hungry citizens are rioting for food. I tracked down Mikovits and she said what she meant in the film is that there were no charges of any type of wrongdoing that would have led to her being charged with being a fugitive from justice. The idiots that keep perpetrating the lie about her arrest are pathetic. Leave it to LANL to spread more fear……..https://www.infectioncontroltoday.com/covid-19/investigators-say-theyve-found-more-contagious-strain-sars-cov-2. By Arthur Blok If he doesn’t know my name by now, it means he’s not getting the e-mails. Or perhaps they’re being intentionally dishonest, or it’s a biased connecting of the dots rooted in personal and professional grievances. Best Price: $28.23 and the sad part for the Deep State Controllers is the moar heavy handed they get with their take-downs the moar kerosene that is poured on the fire. Mass graves were dug. as if any of these people will be “formally charged”…. Plandemic Documentary: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19 from K, Humanity is imprisoned by a killer pandemic. All sources should be identified, with their credentials, so viewers can verify their expertise or possible biases. Again, it is very difficult at this point to know whether or not this is clinically significant or not, and given the previous experience with retroviruses in chronic fatigue, I am going to be very clear in telling you, although I am reporting this at present in Professor Montoya’s samples, neither he, nor we have concluded that there is a relationship to disease.”. Best Price: $9.95 The Fourth Industrial ... You are right 22winmag is an asshole idiot. We have a small window to get ready for ScamiFlu II so lets not waste it with “Outrage Virtue Signaling”. Why use a ditch? The Beast calls the shots on boom or bust of our economies, on who should be shackled by debt, when and where a pandemic should break out, and on the conditions of surviving the pandemic, for example, social confinement. It also means no watching for you for a while. Most people will just stop watching this stuff just like 9/11 and numerous other events. I asked Willis why he didn’t name those people. Anyone who refuses to be injected with experimental poisons will be prohibited from travel, education and work. And to top it all off – the instruments the Beast uses, very cleverly, are a tiny-tiny invisible enemy, called a virus, and a huge but also invisible monster, called FEAR. Finally she raises questions about Dr. Fauci’s 2017 predictions during a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University. i’m in the anti-mask camp. Patient advocate Gerwyn Morris, a micro-biologist, was much more blunt. Nobody on TBP still thinks it was an accident as opposed to a planned event. — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) May 7, 2020. https://dailycaller.com/2020/05/06/protests-turn-nasty-demonstrators-jail-fauci-gates-swastika-signs/, https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2020/05/05/the_worldwide_lockdown_may_be_the_greatest_mistake_in_history_143119.html?utm_source=rcp-today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mailchimp-newsletter&mc_cid=55ec6098a7&mc_eid=73898fc267. PolitiFact found no evidence to support the allegations against Fauci. Seriously. YouTube sucks. Oh, fuck. Billionaire patent owners are pushing for globally mandated vaccines.

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