Read it. Unless, of course, there's a "Killer in the Backseat." In 1899 he was sent to England as a correspondent for the paper. And probably did. She had smelled something, but she assumed it was just Sol's dirty socks. The research stitched together here perhaps makes Harriman's response to Woollcott's inquiry more interesting, because it allows one to read his reply – “Whether I invented the story or whether someone told it to me as an anecdote and I expanded on it, I cannot for the life of me tell you after all these years” – as perhaps slightly evasive. And his alter ego was discarded when he noticed longer needed it. While fueling up, a man in another car comes bounding out, trying seemingly to warn her of something. Woman feigns illness, confides in hotel staff, doctor keeps young woman occupied while other woman gets out of Dodge. Going inside, he found himself almost bowled over at the now sickening stench. Take me home! She suddenly fell over onto the floor. The other thing that gets me, is that usually an urban legend has a lesson or moral to be learned, but this one doesn't seem to clearly have one. All of this sounds perfectly plausible and non-mysterious to me. There, as he suspected, hidden in a space hollowed out of the box springs, was what was causing the stink. A man, or a couple, or someone, is driving along a country road when they spot a weird young woman in a diaphanous white gown. But, every single member of the team is a skilled magician. Upstairs! Only the telling in The Los Angeles Sunday Times was linked to an author, “a Special Contributor to The Times,” Nancy V. M'Clelland [sic]. The bare facts substantiated by affidavits from attachés of the British Embassy in Paris. When a caller suggested they might simply be the voices of people in an underground base or civilization, Art retorted: "Whoever they are, they are not having a good time." The phone rings. Unbeknownst to her, while walking under a spider web, she picked up a deadly little friend she didn't even know she had. The young lady discovers her older companion had a deadly and highly contagious disease. They had traveled extensively, despite the mother's feeling ill the entire trip. A girl moves into a college dorm with her weird, (ahem) rather "loose" new roommate, a young lass that, the story implies, is of rather questionable moral virtue. Before she so goes though, Sol protests, "Ignore it? It was just then that one of the students noticed her tremendous beehive do was....moving. Like a scraping. The old couple were, literally, sleeping on top of this poor bastard's stiff. They check into a hotel room. She suddenly realizes with horror that there is no sign of THE BABY ANYWHERE. Which just causes us to wonder, how would Nancy Vincent McClelland have answered had Woollcott only known to ask her the same question? Scouring the archives of The Free Press, they succeeded in locating not one, but two instances in which the paper published The Vanishing Lady/Hotel Room in the late 1890s.

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