All we have to do is click with the right clique, and we can finally have a social life that's worthy of us.Patty: No way! Patty wants to patch things up with her dad in time to still attend the all-important Weemawee Christmas party. Company Credits Little in-groups of different kids. He is known for his work on Blade Runner (1982), Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972) and A.I. a square peg) when amongst the "popular" students. Official Sites Also on the DVD are two minisodes from 1980s sitcoms The Facts of Life and Silver Spoons.[5]. Patty hates her eyeglasses, but her father won't let her get contacts (because, he says, her eyes are "still growing"). "A Child's Christmas in Weemawee: Part 2". Those were the three worst Sundays of my life.". This group of eight students, though clearly of varied academic standing, are always in the same classes. It all breaks down into cliques.Patty: Cliques?Lauren: Yeah, you know. Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. Lauren talks Patty into joining the Weemawee girls football team — coached by a gung-ho army vet and a women's libber who bristles at the slightest slight. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, executive producer / producer (20 episodes, 1982-1983), supervising producer (19 episodes, 1982-1983), associate producer (15 episodes, 1982-1983), associate producer (8 episodes, 1982-1983), associate producer (6 episodes, 1982-1983), hair stylist / hairdresser (3 episodes, 1983), production supervisor (17 episodes, 1982-1983), unit production manager (17 episodes, 1982-1983), first assistant director / second assistant director (13 episodes, 1982-1983), second assistant director / first assistant director (8 episodes, 1982-1983), first assistant director (5 episodes, 1982-1983), second assistant director / second second assistant director (3 episodes, 1982), second assistant director (2 episodes, 1982), second assistant director (2 episodes, 1983), second assistant director (1 episode, 1982), first assistant director (1 episode, 1982), leadman (uncredited) (7 episodes, 1982-1983), animation camera: Midocean Motion Pictures (uncredited) (unknown episodes), musician: synthesizer (20 episodes, 1982-1983), composer: main title theme / singers: theme music (20 episodes, 1982-1983), composer: opening title music / composer: end title music / title music / end title music (19 episodes, 1982-1983), special musical material / composer: special music material (13 episodes, 1982-1983), music editor / music consultant (5 episodes, 1982-1983), special musical material (3 episodes, 1982-1983), special musical material (2 episodes, 1982), special musical material (1 episode, 1983), script supervisor (3 episodes, 1982-1983), creative script consultant (1 episode, 1982), title sequence / creative consultant (17 episodes, 1982-1983), production consultant (17 episodes, 1982-1983), executive story consultant (15 episodes, 1982-1983), creative consultant (15 episodes, 1982-1983), publicity and media liaison (15 episodes, 1982-1983), program consultant (9 episodes, 1982-1983), program consultant / story consultant (9 episodes, 1982-1983), production coordinator (8 episodes, 1982-1983), program coordinator (4 episodes, 1982-1983), production consultant (2 episodes, 1982-1983), assistant accountant (uncredited) (17 episodes, 1982-1983). | The two help to maintain a school radio station. As of October 2020, the total view count of … Cliques. Top 35 "Simpsons" movie-referencing quotes ... John Williams, A Lifetime Of Oscars Nominations, Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best Is Yet to Come, They Can't Take That Away from Me: Part 2, Arista Records' 25th Anniversary Celebration, Just a Family of Doolans Sittin' Around Talkin', 50 Years of Television: A Golden Celebration, Pharrell Williams/Priyanka Chopra/Loretta Lynn, An American Reunion: The People's Inaugural Celebration, American Bandstand's 40th Anniversary Special, Late Night with David Letterman: 6th Anniversary Special, Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dan Aykroyd, Live from New York: The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. "Sarah Jessica: Before 'Sex,' she was 'Square'" ("It List" column), "The TV Ratings Guide: 1982-83 Ratings History -- Soap Bubbles Rise, Several Veterans Part and NBC Renews Poorly Rated Masterpieces", "Behind-the-scenes chaos derailed Square Pegs' new-wave promise", "Square Pegs" DVD News: Announcement for "Square Pegs: The Complete Series", Mill Creek Entertainment Signs Deals With Sony Pictures Home Entertainment To Expand Their Distribution Partnership, Hold the Phone! By helping Vinnie, Patty and Lauren think the popular kids at school will finally accept them. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Each featurette focuses on a different cast member and has new interviews with the actors and creator Anne Beatts. Lauren and Patty are surrounded by colorful supporting characters. Muffy has a memorably pompous, oratorical speaking style and begins many sentences with "It behooves me to tell you..." or an elongated "People...". Marshall loses his comic touch when he becomes. [7][8] Unlike Sony Pictures Home Entertainment release, the Mill Creek Entertainment release is two discs instead of three and the featurettes in the former release are not included in the latter release. Home life of the students is rarely depicted, but Patty's father is prominently featured in the Christmas episode, played by Tony Dow, best known as the character Wally Cleaver in Leave It to Beaver. American saxophonist, composer, arranger, conductor and leader of the west coast jazz fusion ensemble, The L.A. Express.He was born May 19th, 1948 in … Patty's very close friend Lauren Hutchinson (Amy Linker) struggles with her weight (the actress needed to wear padding for the role), has braces, wears unusual clothing, and also does not fit in with the popular crowd. Non è possibile visualizzare una descrizione perché il sito non lo consente. 'The Complete Series' to Get a DVD Re-Release from Mill Creek, Mill Creek TOTALLY Provided Package Art for 'The Complete Series', Carrie Bradshaw, Teenage Geek", NY Times 13 July 2008,, 1980s American high school television series, Television series by Sony Pictures Television, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Beatts revealed in 2015, "I think that certainly, there was some drug abuse or drug traffic that may have happened, because I would say that that is norm for a set". The series was much acclaimed by critics at the time for its realistic look at teenage life, reflecting a sensibility somewhat similar to the John Hughes teen comedies of later years. Patty Greene (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a budding young woman, not quite beautiful yet, but well cultured and intelligent. While clever and seemingly well-adjusted, she seems awkward and a social misfit (i.e. The girls become scared when they hear noises outside, only to discover that it's Vinnie, Johnny and Marshall. | Frank Halperin. On August 27, 2013, it was announced that Mill Creek Entertainment had acquired the rights to various television series from the Sony Pictures library including Square Pegs. Patty Greene and Lauren Hutchinson, two awkward teenage … Vinnie needs Patty to help him study for a big math test. As the series progresses, Muffy's charitable intentions become more and more frivolous, asking the school community to provide the girl with her own apartment away from her parents, cable TV, a second pair of culottes, swimwear, a split-level duplex, and finally, her own cleaning lady. An ongoing gag throughout the series is Muffy's fundraising for Weemawee's adopted "little Guatemalan child," Rosarita. Johnny hits three consecutive pitches for home runs and immediately makes the team. "A Child's Christmas in Weemawee: Part 1". The series follows Patty Greene (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Lauren Hutchinson (Amy Linker), two awkward teenage girls desperate to fit in at Weemawee High School. Square Pegs is an American sitcom that aired on CBS during the 1982–1983 season. The 2008 DVD release of the episodes, which included interviews with the cast, was directed by Stephen Smith and produced by his company Abbey Entertainment. LaDonna is known for sassy remarks such as "Shoot, child, you think this place is crowded? [6] They re-released the complete series on DVD on October 21, 2014. With Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Linker, Merritt Butrick, John Femia. The Weemawee Braves are holding baseball tryouts when star pitcher Vinnie harasses Johnny until he finally has had enough and takes a turn at bat. The typical official high school activity culture is personified by preppy Muffy B. Tepperman (Jami Gertz) who is the endlessly chipper chairperson of the Weemawee Pep Committee, head of the Morals Club, chairman of the Science Fair Committee and member of the Future Nurses of America. If he doesn't pass it, he can't have the party he wants to throw to celebrate his six-month anniversary with Jennifer. I don’t think there was a virgin on the set, except maybe a couple of the guys". [3] Most of the show's scenes were filmed at the abandoned Excelsior High School in the suburb of Norwalk, California. Because Norwalk was twenty miles from Norman Lear's studio and CBS Television in Los Angeles, it was hard to know what was happening during filming.

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