While in her room, Nagatoro blushed a little and thanked Senpai for coming to visit her, to which the embarrassed boy replied he simply wanted to bring her printout. When not at school she usually sports a simple, practical or tomboyish choose of clothing[20][21][22] unlike most of her friends; however she has proven to know how to relatively dress up if needed. She likes to bully Senpai and finds joy in teasing him, however, although she appears to just want to torture him, there seems more to it than that. It's also shown that Nagatoro is a sweeter and more empathetic person than she lets on, and that she's more susceptible to Senpai's kindness than he realizes, even tenderly hinting to him - when he gives her his mail contact, all while telling her that he's not a person worth talking to - that his declarations of self-deprecation affect her too. The boy commented that is then just tomato juice, to which she told him to just drink it and, as he did it, he found it really good, then Nagatoro sit with him and told him to enjoy their "adult drink" yet, after a few sips, she got drunk due to having eaten whisky bonbons chocolate as snacks, which make him smile reflecting that maybe when they grew up, drinking together could be fun.[130]. Gamo-chan teased Nagatoro saying it was like an anime plot when "two people went on a fake date but real feeling start to blossom" thus getting her friend frustrated despite firmly refusing to admit it. Senpai stated that it didn't excite him at all, prompting the girl to sulk and try repeatedly. The following week, much to his surprise, an utterly ashamed Nagatoro shown herself into the art club room wearing a perfect Nekotoro costume that she asked the handicrafts club to made her and insisted for him to say something getting really mad when he simply complimented how the outfit was well made.[111]. [33][34][35][36] Also, Gamo-chan loves to tease her in order to make Nagatoro admit her feelings for Senpai and bring them closer, causing pranks that sometimes led the two to resort to near-physical violence,[37] despite thay they seemingly always made peace rather quickly every time they fight. Nagatoro tells Senpai that the upper arm has the same texture of boobs after asking him to pinch hers. In order to resolve the stalemate, Gamo-chan revealed that she was surprised he made chicken that spicy as he wasn't good with spicy food while Nagatoro loved it, prompting the boy to admit it was actually too spicy for him, this granted Nagatoro the chance to ask for a swap making it seem like she was doing a favor to him; she gave Senpai the homemade dish she knew was his favourite (despite it contained spicy mustard too) while Nagatoro ate Senpai's chicken and has a "foodgasm" just like her friends had.[108]. [145] The following morning, when Senpai and Nagatoro meet on their way to school there was a moment of mutual embarassement, then the boy thanked her for what she did and Nagatoro replied it was nothing since he did the same for her, right before starting to kick him as a "punishment" for "having been so cocky", referencing having called her by her given name.[146]. Nagatoro tease Senpai while they are playing a videogame. While the painting was being done, Senpai and Nagatoro exchanged several glances, the first asking himself what kind of stance was that while the latter staring at him with sweetness. [43] Also, she has a deep sensitivity toward the arts, whether is movies, paintings, dance, poetry or music. [44][45] Although, whether or not it's to train him to draw the female body, get him to draw her specifically, or is just an excuse to spend time and tease him more, is unknown. Then she took a bite from his coroquette nonchalantly. She has brown skin with noticeable - though sometimes inconsistent - tan lines in the shape of her swimsuit, and large, expressive amber-maroon eyes. Senpai and Nagatoro say goodbye after he has discovered her name. As it was getting late, Senpai proposed Nagatoro to draw her favourite animal as their last one. Nagatoro is very much a tsundere, despite denying her crush for Senpai and frequently mocking him. The girl accepted and was soon joined by her friends, who then leave the two guys behind; after Senpai asked if it was okay for the girls not staying with them, they told him those two were "annoying" and started to jokingly tease him. Amused the three girls started to toy with the idea of what would they do if he failed the grade two times thus making them "his senpais". After she returned, the girl saw Senpai stood up to defend her drawing from a pair of schoolmates who were also there, so she scolded them for criticizing her work and harassing Senpai, making them apologize out of fear and then leaving. Later they relaxed at the bar and, confronting their sketches, Nagatoro felt like hers were quite bad, however the boy reassured her that they were actually good for a beginner, yet, noticing Senpai's drawing were almost alive, she asked him what was her secret to which he replied is simply having an intrest or liking what you draw (in order not to said "love"). Both Nagatoro and Senpai blushed and agreed on waiting for that day to come. The boy lied telling her that it was simply because it would be easier to call her, to which she replied that how she called her didn't really mattered, however, while they were talking the game's time runs out resulting in Nagatoro's loss. Despite stating she totally could, after the fireworks lighten the place, showing lot of couples kissing all around them, they both got embarrassed and run away to see the fireworks quietly in a more hidden place.[101]. Her smartphone has a black cat-themed case. The girl was overjoyed and started to playfully tease him, while her friends watched the scene perplexed.[107]. She also kept forcing him to draw her, even bringing a sofa in the art club room so she could do many different poses; due to Senpai having difficulties in drawing her, after a while, Nagatoro felt sleepy and shifted position one more time to lie down for a moment, remembering him he would get a reward if he painted her well enough.

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