The mishaps of Christine, a divorced mom who tries to move on after her ex finds romance with a younger woman who just happens to share her name.

Holly, a divorce attorney, sets up her newly single client Stuart with his new roommates Phil and Haskell, who help him adjust to post-married life. Andy gives Opie a lecture on keeping promises and convinces a runaway boy to return home. Meanwhile, Arthur offers himself up as a passenger for hire so people can ride in the carpool lane. When Deacon's son draws a picture of Arthur with crooked teeth, Arthur convinces Doug and Carrie to pay for new braces. `[The show's] central theme was love,' Griffith said.

M*A*S*H. The New Adventures of Old Christine. Impastor. Catch up on your favorite TV Land shows. Now he's the town drunk.

Boyle alone, curiously, never took home the prize. The King of Queens. Log in. Find out what's on TV Land (East) tonight.

Its popularity spawned a number of copycats, but none would enjoy the longevity (and few the consistent quality) of this classic. Check out today's TV schedule for TV Land - Eastern and take a look at what is scheduled for the next 2 weeks.

Barney, of the big-city police department, pays a visit to his old hometown. Lopez.

Get DIRECTV 1-888-777-2454 . After one too many cheap shots on her by the mean moms at Ritchie's snotty private school, Christine decides to enrol him in public school, which is not as easy as she anticipated. After Barry disobeys his mother and gets in trouble, he decides to lie about his whereabouts. Charlie Trent used to be an Army scout. Darren Star's Younger features a combination of comedy and drama, while shows including The Goldbergs, Everybody Loves Raymond and Two and a Half Men offer viewers light-hearted and hilarious fun. The kids learn more about the woman and get the shock of their lives when they learn how Murray's past is linked to Beverly.

Aunt Bee becomes the co-owner of a Chinese restaurant. The Andy Griffith Show Aunt Bee's Restaurant.

A nostalgic sitcom based on creator Adam F. Goldberg's childhood and family life in the 1980s. The Jim Gaffigan Show. Everybody Loves Raymond The Children's Book. See what's on TV Land and watch On Demand on your TV or online!

This landmark adult Western centered on Marshal Matt Dillon of Dodge City.

Andy's old girlfriend returns to Mayberry, which puts a strain on Andy's relationship with Helen. Gentle humor and genuinely likable characters made Mayberry a beloved fixture on the TV landscape.

Meanwhile, Spence is hired as a cook and maid.

See what's on TV Land and watch On Demand on your TV or online!

John Wayne turned down the lead, suggesting James Arness (who remained for its entire run).

Ellie starts a battle of the sexes when she decides to run for a seat on the town council. Everybody Loves Raymond. After Dillon is forced to kill a gambler, his father sets out to kill the Marshal. Hoss helps him regain his self-esteem when he has him volunteer to lead a gold-bearing troop through the desert. Ben Cartwright and his three sons (by three wives) ride herd over the sprawling Ponderosa spread in 1860s Nevada in one of the most handsomely mounted and beloved series of all time.

Hot in Cleveland. Nobodies. George walks out on his Las Vegas residency, and George's driver Manolo is released from prison and brings with him a new roommate, his former cellmate Hector. Channel TV Land (East), movies, schedules and summary of weekly television programs TV Land is an American pay television channel that is owned by ViacomCBS through its domestic networks division. Christine's plan to prove that she's comfortable with Richard's remarriage backfires when the date she's supposedly 'in love with' acts obnoxiously at the rehearsal dinner. A stranger comes to Mayberry and upsets everyone when he knows everyone's business.

TV Passport is a community for TV lovers. TV Schedule. Happily Divorced. Check out today's TV schedule for TV Land and find out more about all of the prime time TV Land Shows lineups during current week. The Andy Griffith Show Andy the Matchmaker. The Jim Gaffigan Show chronicles one man's struggle to find balance between fatherhood, stand-up comedy and his insatiable appetite.

Everybody Loves Raymond Working Late Again. The Soul Man. Three savvy entertainment industry veterans from Los Angeles wind up in Cleveland and become enamored with the city's welcoming vibe. When an apartment becomes available in Manhattan, Carrie finally sees her dream of living in the city coming true but Doug has different plans and the two quickly realize they share a different outlook on the future.

The New Adventures of Old Christine The Old Maid of Honor. Ray struggles to buy his dad the perfect gift for his 65th birthday celebration. Originally a spinoff of Nick at Nite consisting exclusively of classic television shows, the channel now airs a combination of recent and classic television series (ranging from the 1960s to the 2010s), original scripted series, and limited theatrically released movies. Dillon and Doc Adams are troubled by a woman as they escort an escaped convict on a train. TV Land celebrates the best of comedic television with a mix of original series and beloved modern-day and classic sitcoms. Two and a Half Men. Mayberry may be a state of mind, but the sunny optimism and simple virtues it represents have actually been set in stone--in a Raleigh, N.C., statue depicting Sheriff Andy Taylor and his son, Opie. Andy makes a judgment concerning Opie before hearing his boy's side of the story. However, when Doug attempts to use a similar strategy on Carrie, his plan backfires. When Carrie learns that Deacon and Kelly bought a second home, she convinces Doug that they were able to afford it because they are so cheap. After Liza lands her dream job by posing as a millennial, she realizes that the truth is much better than fiction. While reading a bedtime story to Deacon's son, Doug changes the ending to make it a little scarier and ends up traumatizing the boy. Kirstie.


Ray discovers Debra was a popular student in high school and wonders why she married him. The network is headquartered at One Astor Plaza in New York City.

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