I can't believe with this crowd it took 3 pages before The Flying Wasp was brought up..... "DON'T JUST STAND THERE, GET SOME GLUE!" I kept my boat in the water during the Spring and Summer and when I pulled it out to store for the Winter I was astonished to find the bottom of the boat covered with BARNACLES ! Wasn't there a kevin Costner movie called "1000 miles from Graceland" or something like that with a Cruiser named, "Graceland" at the end? [6][7] Brillstein expected the film to be cancelled. If yes, then I'll use it as a selling point for sure! By the third weekend, it made $2.3 million and on its fourth $1.9 million over Labor Day weekend, ranking eleventh. The yacht at the end of Will Smith's Hitch was incredible - Perini? I'm afraid I have no choice but to go with the Barnacle from "Summer Rental". It is currently located in Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia, where it serves the tourist excursion market. She had bukwarks added to give her a pirate ship look. A museum in San Diego has her now but I'm not sure who currently owns her. Summer Rental was filmed in St. Pete Beach, near St. Petersburg, Florida. [11], The movie originally was released in the United States by Paramount on DVD in April 2001 on widescreen with a theatrical trailer as the sole special feature. A tough motherfucker. If one of you falks manage to get a video or dvd copy of the film, let me know. A museum in San Diego has her now but I'm not sure who currently owns her. It made me think of other movies that feature proper race boats. Following this renovation, the Bounty was scheduled to repeat the famous voyage of the original Bounty. Absolutely goddamn right. Loved the yacht in 'Talented Mr Ripley'.....Was it an S & S 34' or 36' maybe?? The family then misreads the address, moves into the wrong house, and are forced to leave in the middle of the night, ending up in a decrepit shack on a public beach with a constant stream of beach-goers tromping through the place. This motley crew is at first no match for Al or anybody else in the race, but tossing useless garbage overboard, a strong breeze, and a large pair of pants enable Jack to achieve a victory at sea. Is there the same boat in the new movie screenplay? Yep, the DSRV is the coolest boat I've ever seen in a movie! (at around 21 mins) When the Gardener family comes to the house in the middle of the night, Jack Chester shows him the receipt for 415 Beach Road. "Alone Across the Pacific" directed by Kon Ichikawa and starring Yujiro Ishihara is a very underated account of Kenichi Horie's first solo adventure. and the I-14 racing is legendary! I did it when I was 19 and it damn near wasted me. The bored Chesters come to life by helping Jack make his new vessel seaworthy. And yeah when the the trimaran out runs the jetski's in water world was a good one! About 20 minutes of excellent racing built into the plot in sea conditions which would match any 'world's most dangerous jobs' documentary on Discovery. For … She had bukwarks added to give her a pirate ship look. "[5], It became a starring vehicle for John Candy. That was St. Vitus Dance, an Endeavour 42. Don't know what it was, maybe 18-22' long. Did any of the actors in Master and Commander actually get wet? Later, Jack again locks horns with Al, the new owner of the dubious piece of real estate where the Chesters are staying after the previous owner died. Shame to trash a nice old woody with the anchor, though. Based on the famous story of the boat that everyone jumped off to swim, but no-one remembered to put out a ladder first.... On the Dutch site of the Dutch sailing magazine Zeilen they wrote a nice article about it (for those who can read Dutch or are satisfied with pictures). :-(, The old, refurbished yacht in Weding Crashers is very classy. The MGM one has a website here: http://www.tallshipbounty.org/main.html, and the 84 reconstruction has a website here: http://www.thebounty.com/, The recent Horatio Hornblower series used the Grand Turk. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McHale's_Navy#Cast_2 "PT-109", again about PT boats, but it seems they used a Norwegian built wooden patrol boat that was in use by the US at the time the film was made. With boats such as the winner of 1980 Ostar - Three Legs of Mann or Neptune (allias Cartier) withbread competitor in 1977 + many other racing boats (have a eye for the only singlehanded race victory of Nigel Irens on Gordano Goose). Plus, re-enacting the "dance" gave us something to do during last year's Oxford race (plus a little run in with Donnybrook and the soundtrack from Pulp Fiction - "everybody be cool, this is a robbery!"). I just looked up and found out that they made six of them! Keeping out of trouble --(especially SWMBO). and random bits of string, sailing (pretty obvious, uhmm)preferentially on boats with more than one hull ;D. Sailing, Fishing, Hunting and anything with ing on the end. On its second weekend, it grossed $3,708,812 in 1,595 theaters, a 35% decrease over the previous week, ranking sixth. Not sure what type of boat it was. Was named Bird in the movie. He had to apply three times and he had to put up with a ton of shit, but when he threatened to resign, they gave it to him. There have been two replicas of the Bounty: from Wikipedia: The Royal Navy's Bounty has been reconstructed twice. They must have thought he was some far-out old man humping it over that course. It sure does something special for the women.. 91 posts and nobody has mentioned the Surprise in "Master and Commander"? The “Barnacle Bill” wild pony boat tour lives up to its consistently great ratings. Up close views from the water of the famous feral ponies and island lighthouse. That is the Annapolis-area Woodwind II, a 74' schooner built in 1998. Jack then suffers a leg injury that prevents him from spending time with his family. the one from One Crazy Summer with the Ferarri engine in the back..... or the one from Summer Rental that used John Candy's pants as a blooper. Overall I thought the outdoor scenes were on par for this type of film. The fleet was on screen for about 5 seconds. By Best line in the movie: "I'm looking for a grand sally, fifty foot high she be,". Incredible knowledge DV....it was a long time ago but I don't ever remember the boat leaving the marina in the show. Jude Law had a pretty enough boat in The Talented Mr. Ripley. The 1979 movie "Riddle in the Sands" with Michael York and Simon MacCorkindale based on a book written by Erskine Childers. Also great footage of the Sea Lion Herd on the Priblov Islands before they were thinned out. The movie's screenplay was written by Mark Reisman and Jeremy Stevens. The Boat in Joe vrs. The next youngest guy in his class was half his age. "Being heavy in California is not a terrific thing. It has to be the boat in Wedding Crashers. To avoid an early eviction, Jack challenges Al to a race at the upcoming Citrus Cove Regatta: If Al wins, Jack will pay him the $1,000 rent and take his family home; if Jack wins, he keeps the money and earns the right to stay in the house for two more weeks rent-free. In a 1986 interview, Candy stated he was paid $800,000 for the role.[8]. Summer Rental was released in the United States on August 9, 1985, and was Candy’s first starring role in a feature film. The movie was released on August 9, 1985, by Paramount Pictures.[2][3]. The house turns out to be 415 Beach Lane. The soundtrack is the only place where this song was released. Eventually MGM donated the vessel to a charity. actually I can't remeber if there was a boat in that or not, I used to watch it when i came home from kindergarden and I remember I learned to like boats and Bikini's. but how about you do resurrect this topic after the Disney TP52 film hits the screens! For a movie of a sailing vessel race filmed on tall ship at sea, the race scene to Priblov Island in "The World in His Arms" (1952 ?) "The Way We Were" had a couple of scenes with a nice little day sailer. You also see a few Optis. Currently located in Lake Rawlings, VA in a scuba park. the 1st 5 minutes with rob lowe driving the formerly red "Obsession" are priceless. When Richard Crenna's character buys the house that John Candy's character is renting for the summer he tears up Candy's check and says "I want you and your entire family out by Saturday, Midnight, or else...". I just sat through "Failure to Launch" with Matthew McConawhozit twice on the flight from Boston to Oakland. But some too rare very very good sea action. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Question I have is what is the make of the boat, Barnacle? That is neither old nor refurbished. Caddyshack, the christening of the sloop. He finished. Filming took around nine weeks, from March 18 to May 15, 1985, with principal photography starting in St. Petersburg and St. Pete Beach, Florida, on March 18 for seven weeks before moving to Atlanta. I think I can safely say "YES, this counts" ! Sail the Cloth is by far the best animated flic, followed by Tactician Training Video. Jack gives Al the check for $1,000 to cover the rent for the next two weeks, but the latter tears up the check and orders the Chesters to leave the house when their first two weeks expire or he'll throw them out personally. This isn't a movie, but in the first season of Miami Vice, Don Johnson lived on a sailboat and had an alligator named Elvis who lived in the cockpit as his guard dog. Moored in its winter home in St. Petersburg, Florida, it again became available for charter, excursions, sail-training and movies (most recently in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and the 2005 adult parody of Pirates of the Caribbean entitled Pirates).

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