Recognizing that only the Straw Hats can defeat Arlong and his crew, Johnny and Yosaku stop the villagers from throwing their lives away. [1], During the Baratie arc, Johnny and Yosaku remain on the Going Merry to rest and notice Nami's interest in their wanted posters. Johnny explained that his village was raided by bandits when they were young and that he wanted to be just like those bounty hunters that took out the bandits. They are then attacked by Dick's gang and bruised till the point that they cannot get up. With Mayumi Tanaka, Akemi Okamura, Kazuya Nakai, Hiroaki Hirata. Johnny is an average-sized man with somewhat tanned skin. Johnny is happy-go-lucky, much like Yosaku. Johnny then gets up and walks towards Zoro, having decided that they cannot just watch as another man claims their prey. Kaijō resutoran no Sanji 9 - La légende du brouillard arc-en-ciel ! One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. When a child attacked Dick, Johnny could not hold back his anger and wanted to do something; however, Yosaku tried to hold him back. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Due to some unknown reasons, their team disbanded, but their members were on good terms with one another before disbanding. They attacked him for the insult and were easily defeated. 243 - Le CP9 retire les masques ! Use the HTML below. The crew meets Johnny and Yosaku, Zoro's former companions, and they set sail for the Baratie restaurant in search of a cook. In response, Johnny replied that that kid was basically him when he was young. 260 - Combat sur le toit ! Le cimetière pirate d'où l'on ne peut s'enfuir ! The episode recounts the two's encounter with the bandits Billy and Dick, their rescue of Harry, and how and why the two met and became friends with Zoro. [9] When Dracule Mihawk arrived at the Baratie, Nami tricked Yosaku and Johnny and escaped with their treasure and boat. La sortie de l'équipe pirate de Zenny ! Billy hears this and charges at Zoro, the act of which throws Yosaku and Johnny into panic. April 12, 2000 Nami examines Yosaku and tells Luffy and Usopp to gets some fruit. He is also sometimes seen with a cigarette. Chapter 42 (p. 13-19)Chapter 43 (p. 2-19) He and Johnny are inexperienced with traveling by sea as proven when Yosaku fell ill to scurvy. Meanwhile, Sanji, a cook at the Baratie, teaches a lesson about food to an arrogant Marine Officer named Fullbody. Before he meets Luffy, Zoro traveled the world in search of "Hawk-Eye" Mihawk. Ép. this scene was taken from one piece episode 135 (SUB HD) * enjoy this epic scene ! Ép. Ép. Icebarg et Franky. Yosaku then explains that he wanted to be like the bounty hunters that defended his village from bandits and, upon hearing this, Johnny comes to the revelation that he too wanted to be like them as a kid. 5 - Le chasseur de pirates de la rumeur ! 236 - Luffy vs Usopp ! Yosaku and Johnny are then easily defeated by Dick. Johnny and Yosaku, inspired by Zoro's conviction, decide to take on the villain, but are quickly defeated. Upon being informed of this by Yosaku, Johnny recommended that they don't do anything. Johnny occasionally says that he would lose or had lost by a close margin against an opponent far stronger than he is, such as Luffy or Arlong, indicating some arrogance. After Zoro quickly takes out Billy, Johnny comments on his skill and then wonders if he is the pirate hunter the rumors have been about, but Yosaku dismisses this idea. While like this, their voices and behavior become serious, however in truth, they are very silly and emotional. if that helps. The crew decided that they need a cook to take care of their diet for their long trip, as they do not want to get scurvy like Yosaku. Ép. They then revealed that they were only the ones to claim Billy's bounty, but that someone else had defeated the bandit. Ép. It featured Johnny styling a mohawk, and Yosaku having a full head of hair. 253 - Sanji s'est infiltré ! Unfortunately, Nami sees something so disturbing to her that she chokes up and quietly trembles. It is still unknown if Johnny or Yosaku have any special attacks. Dick then stopped laughing and revealed in anger that he was Billy's sworn brother. Funimation However after spotting another Fish-Man in Gosa Village Johnny runs off before Usopp notices, leaving an unsuspecting Usopp to fend for himself. He also has a cowardly side to him, as seen when he not only tied up Zoro to prevent him from assaulting Arlong Park, but through his willingness to simply abandon him to the fish-men to run off to safety with Usopp. Likewise, their surprise continued as Zoro defeated Dick and then the two asked Zoro if they could join together, to which the latter accepted. Hearing this, Dick laughed at them, but the two replied to his laughter by telling him that they had turned in someone worth 5,000,000 just that morning. After hearing Dick call them weak, they charged at him, but flung backwards with a single punch.

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